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Standards Drive MICE Revenue for Meeting Suppliers

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Quoting by Gut Feel Outdated in the Digital Age

Meeting venues generate huge numbers of quotes each day. Manual quoting is heavily influenced by an individual team member's gut feeling however: hand-crafted for each inquiry, dependent on the quoter's skills and stress level, and often failing to adhere to a systematic pricing strategy. Well-designed, automated standards boost efficiency and drive revenue. Hotel am Schlosspark Guestrow opts for a strategic change and launches standardized, modular MICE offerings.

"We realized that almost 100% of the corporate meetings can be put together with standardized modules. And 'standardized' doesn't mean 'average' of course," Olav Paarmann, CEO of Hotel am Schlosspark, explains. "Standardized options simply mean a clear structure of our meeting offerings, pricing and revenue management rules." Once standardized, meeting sales can be automated - from meeting rooms to activities. "Anyone here can now send out perfect quotes in seconds."

Smart calculations are crucial for a venue's MICE revenue. Prices are calculated in many different ways: Per guest or per unit, including minimum prices or according to weekdays and seasons. To increase revenue, various parameters can be combined. "Can you really expect a stressed event manager to calculate multiple discounts and price scales in parallel? What, if the meeting inquiry is for a poorly booked Monday during a peak season? What, if the client surprisedly doubles the number of attendees? Can you give an instant, precise price?" Florian Zelfel, CEO of EVENTMACHINE MEETING asks. Machines process multiple rules with a mouse click and instant quoting is guaranteed: including commissions for event planners or discounts for frequent buyers.

"It's great to present our very individual offerings with EVENTMACHINE MEETING. It's just so much smarter than any banquet brochure! The prospect always sees the right options online," Olav Paarmann says. "And he gets an instant quote perfectly fitting his needs." EVENTMACHINE MEETING is set up fast, either in a basic way or with many options and pricing rules.

Hotels and meeting venues interested can try out EVENTMACHINE MEETING anytime at no cost at

About eventmachine meeting:

Eventmachine meeting is the first turnkey solution for automated meeting configuration and quoting. Seamlessly embedded in the supplier's own website, eventmachine meeting is the smartest configurator for conference hotels, venues and all providers of meetings. Eventmachine meeting offers a flat-rate, affordable plan based on the number of meeting rooms at a venue.

Weitere Storys: ZELFMADE GmbH
Weitere Storys: ZELFMADE GmbH
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