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03.03.2005 – 10:46

euromicron AG

euromicron: Security by Quality
High-quality solutions on network security

    Hanover (ots)

Next to data rate and volume the network security in the meantime became the most important criterion for date and voice transmission nets. At CeBIT 2005 the network specialist euromicron presents for the first time communication and security solutions for data, voice and monitoring systems. The euromicron group as system house with long-standing experience in the planning, integration, maintenance and service of data and communication networks and systems has complemented its "Network Competence" by security systems as VPN, Firewall, access control, video-monitoring as well as burglary and fire protection systems. Whether data or telephone networks, whether personal computer or network cabinets, whether servers or computer centres, the euromicron group plans, implements and maintains not only network infrastructure, but safeguards it physically and logically against any kind of danger. The high-quality standard, with which the enterprise, besides others, develops and manufactures its optical fiber components, is both claim and specification during planning and realization of networks and its protection. Therefore, products and services of the euromicron group are: "Security by quality !"

    Based on the experience of the development and manufacturing of high-quality optical fiber plug-and-socket connectors as well as tailor-made optical waveguide components the euromicron group now offers its customers entire solutions for their communication and security demands which range from Assembly Solutions via Computer Centre and Mobile solutions up to Voice-over-IP Solutions.

    The merging of the network infrastructure for voice and data transmission is taken into account by the system house euromicron through VoIP-solutions where euromicron now implements the voice transmission by means of the Internet Protocol on previous network structures for data transfers. The optimal solution for the benefit of euromicron's customers can be found always by economical as technical deliberation and planning of such a manufacturer-independent VoIP-solution.     In addition to voice and data transmissions on those communication networks, applications of security systems are integrated increasingly whose demand is driven by the raised security requirement. euromicron countered this market trend through the specialists of security systems, NTA GmbH with head office in Mainz and delcom GmbH with head office in Essen.

    By that the euromicron group has reached a further milestone towards an integrating system house, with which multipliers arose by synergies, volume concentration, transfer of special knowledge and nationwide coverage within the euromicron group that are anticipated by our customers as competence, efficiency and quality. Reference projects of repute and customers testify from that.

    "Security and quality are still the success factors for a communication infrastructure that is reliable and protected against external intervention. At the installation and during operation of such a communications network the original investments are less decisive than the operation and maintenance expenses later on. The more secure and qualitatively more valuably such an infrastructure is implemented and operated, the less are maintenance and follow-up costs in case of outage through deficient quality or other external intervention. Therefore, the euromicron group is the competent partner if it comes to network infrastructure that is supposed to operate with security by quality" emphasises Dr. Edgar Bernardi, executive board member of euromicron AG responsible for products, market, technology and operations.

    The euromicron group is the system house for data, communication and security networks and systems. This covers voice and data networks (PABXs, general data-, PC- and computer center infrastructures), communication networks (wide area networks, mobile networks as GSM, Universal Mobile Telecommunications Systems, radio networks for security forces and telephone networks via voice and data protocols, electroacoustic plants, audio and video plants), security networks (burglary and fire alarm transmission systems, video monitoring, access and time recording control, Intercom and building management systems) as well as electrotechnical plants (central and low voltage plants, transformer stations, USV plants).     The euromicron AG ( is one of the leading manufacturers and system vendors of network and fiber optics technology. The product and service portfolio covers the planning, implementation and maintenance of communication and security networks as well as the development, manufacturing and distribution of network components on basis of copper-, optical fiber- and wireless technique. In the fiscal year 2003 the enterprise achieved a sales of 147.2 Million Euro and gained an EBIT margin (earnings before interest rates and taxes) of 17 Mio. Euro with a profit per stock of 2,50 Euro.

    The security of your data, your network or your computer centre should be worth wile a visit on our booth A04 at hall 15 at the CeBIT 2005 in Hanover between the 10th to the 16th of March, 2005.

    We advise you in how to protect your plant physically against uncontrolled entrance, fire and other dangers or to safeguard logically against network intervention. The euromicron group takes care for the planning, installation and maintenance of your network infrastructure, whether data or voice transmission, whether wire-bound or wireless, whether classical telephony or VoIP (Voice over IP). Whatever solution you decide on, the solutions of the euromicron group are Security by Quality !

    During  CeBIT2005, Mr Dr. Edgar Bernardi, member of the executive board, is present at the show and available under the mobile +49 172 2900289 for your disposal.

For further questions please refer to: Dr. Willibald Spaeth, Chairman of the executive board, Ulrike Hauser, Investor & Public Relations, euromicron AG, Kennedyallee 97 a, 60596 Frankfurt at Main, Telephone:+49 69 631583-0, Facsimile:+49 69 631583-20,,

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