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Eventmachine launches first turnkey configurator for automated meeting sales

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Hotels and other venues can now drastically improve their meeting sales with EVENTMACHINE MEETING. Meeting configuration becomes as easy as booking a hotel room online. The configurator runs directly in a hotel's website for a branded, seamless experience. This innovative cloud-based meeting configuration solution has entered its beta-phase at

EVENTMACHINE MEETING is the key to direct meeting bookings and new leads. Using an intuitive web interface, the user configures his custom conference in a few simple steps. The user is guided through the process of selecting meeting rooms, catering, accommodations and even activities. They receive all prices and details immediately - 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

EVENTMACHINE MEETING is the answer to users ? expectations to get results instantly and at any time. "Pressure in the MICE business is enormous. More and more quotes are being written, and sales conversions are decreasing" says CEO and co-founder Florian Zelfel. "Especially for smaller inquiries, the effort is often hugely disproportionate to the revenue generated. Hotels and venues that automate now secure a real competitive advantage."

"We know that users are much more likely to buy if they can immediately customize their products" adds CTO and co-founder Peter Warren (Oregon, USA). "We have designed a first-of-its-kind meeting configurator which guides the user through the whole sales process, including instant quoting! EVENTMACHINE MEETING boosts efficiency and generates qualified leads."

EVENTMACHINE MEETING offers the right pricing plan for any venue. "We don't charge commissions and our clients have total flexibility. Clients don't pay setup fees, and they don't have to invest in their IT infrastructure" Florian Zelfel explains. "And anybody can test EVENTMACHINE MEETING for free."

All features are built in already, even smart yield management. EVENTMACHINE MEETING is the turnkey solution for automated conference configuration and quoting on a supplier's own website. "This is the digital age. Why are sales teams still putting together meeting quotes by hand?" Peter Warren concludes.