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    The TELES Group is being restructured: Previously, the company's core business was development and sales of innovative telecommunications systems. This systems business is now complemented by the high-level telecommunications services business with the focus on value-added Internet services. This second new core business will be composed of the areas eCommerce and Broadband Internet.

    With its new business area "value-added Internet services" the TELES Group is closing an important gap in the Internet service providers' market: Its unique and modular offer of eCommerce service pacKages meets the needs of the whole spectrum of medium-sized companies according to their individual eCommerce budgets. In particular, the modularity of this eCommerce infrastructure offer enables Internet domain managers to smoothfy upgrade a company from its present eCommerce level to a higher level. And the integration of much faster and still low-cost Internet access services into this eCommerce infrastructure increases its usage attractiveness. This opens future eCommerce perspectives to medium-sized companies, which were until now reserved for only very large companies.

    Taking the differentiated structure of the eCommerce service needs of medium-sized companies into account. TELES' eCommerce infrastructure services will be carried out by four specialised companies:

    * eSTRATO AG remains the path finder for entering into eCommerce business: with over 700,000 Internet domains - approx, 45% of all .de domains - at present, the TELES Group has the world's largest "incubator" for future or very new eCommerce applications. eSTRATO's eCommerce infrastructure services range from the "mini ePresence" for 50 Pfennig per month up to the "Premium ePresence" for monthly 100 Marks.

    * eTROPO AG offers more highly developed but still standard eCommerce infrastructure services. It covers the monthly eCommerce budget of a company ranging from 100 to 1,000 Marks.

    * eKAIRO AG offers Individual eCommerce infrastructure services for larger companies, up to the full service for a complete high end Internet solution. This target group has a monthly "eBudget" of between 1,000 and 10,000 Marks.

    * TELES.EuroService increases the attractiveness of all of the eCommerce infrastructure services outlined above with its broadband Internet access service skyDSL and the fast Internet server access service intraSTAR.

    For providing these new eCommerce infrastructure services, the present TELES subsidiaries STRATO, ABC, H/S/D. HerLOG, EuroService and further complementary shareholdings will undergo an appropriate restructuring. This will be completed during the second quarter of 2000.

    Prof. Sigram Schindler CEO Of TELES

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