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    Berlin (ots Ad hoc-Service) - TELES AG acquired 100% of ABC TeleMedia AG and its parent company ABC TeleVerlag GmbH, both located in Regensburg, on December 30th 1999. With that purchase TELES is, since year-end 1999, the domain host for over 600,000 Internet domains, about 50% of all registered domains in Germany. This huge base of Internet domains strengthens TELES Group's worldwide market leadership in the extremely important internet market segment of domain hosting for the foreseeable future.

    The immense economical importance of Internet domains, is based on the fact that eCommerce applications are completely dependent on domain hosting, which can be seen as the nucleus of all future eCommerce applications. That means that with the hosting and service of more than 600,000 Internet domains TELES is in charge of the world's largest "eCommerce incubator".

    The phenomenal success of the TELES Group concerning this future oriented domain market, after this acquisition, is comprised of the following: Based on the Internet value-added services offered by its marketing subsidiary, STRATO AG, TELES was already worldwide market leader for Internet domain hosting, with more than 430,000 serviced Internet domains by the end of November 1999. During this time, a smaller but fast growing German ISP, the ABC Group, showed an impressive presence with more than 100,000 serviced Internet domains, and reached the number 3 rank of the German domain hosts. In December of 1999, STRATO together with ABC, sold more than 70,000 Internet domains, so that TELES Group now hosts more than the 600,000 above mentioned domains (source for these official Internet market figures is DENIC, the association for all domain hosts in Germany.)

    A further growth acceleration of the TELES Internet customer base, and thereby a further increase of its market leadership in this key area of Internet commerce, is going to benefit from the unique feature of TELES domains which will be offered after the CeBIT 2000: All Internet users will be able to receive the contents of every TELES' domain with a bandwidth of up to 4 Mbit/s (60 times the speed of ISDN), they only need to install the components of the TELES Internet service skyDSL on their PC. Thereby, TELES sets new worldwide standards for quality of use for eCommerce applications. Only eCommerce services hosted on TELES domains can offer this feature for the foreseeable future.

    The acquisition of ABC for approximately 10 Million DM is a "Purchase Deal" in accordance to US-GAAP. The take-over is awaiting the approval of the TELES Supervisory Board. The planned revenue figures for ABC are 5 Million DM, with a profit of 1 Million DM. Both these figures represent a doubling of the 1999 figures. The ABCTeleMedia AG will remain independent, with its former owner and business founder, Mr. W- Glaser, as its CEO.

    Prof. Dr.-lng. Sigram Schindler CEO of TELES AG

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