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Freelexo - turn mowing time into leisure time. Einhell introduces new range of robotic lawn mowers

Freelexo - turn mowing time into leisure time. Einhell introduces new range of robotic lawn mowers
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Tool and gardening equipment manufacturer Einhell presents its new range of robotic lawn mowers for the new gardening season 2020. A particular highlight in the range are the Freelexo robotic lawn mowers, which are part of the Power X-Change rechargeable battery system from Einhell. Thanks to the standardized battery pack system, which is available with different capacities, the area coverage that each device can manage on a single battery charge can be adapted to the individual requirements of each customer. Depending on the accessories, the robotic lawn mowers are suitable for lawns ranging in size from 500-1200m².

Robotic lawn mower with system battery pack

Landau an der Isar, 13.02.2020 – You’ll see them doing their work in more and more gardens, circling lawns and taking the load off their owners. The popularity of robotic lawn mowers is rising – including for home use. The new Freelexo robotic lawn mowers from Einhell provide their owners with a uniformly cut lawn – without them having to do the work themselves. But the really special bit is the rechargeable battery: instead of a permanent battery, the Freelexo models get their power from a Power X-Change battery pack. And these battery packs are the same ones that can be used in over 130 home and garden tools in the Power X-Change system. Once the grass has been cut, you can carry on using the battery pack in e.g. a hedge trimmer or cordless screwdriver. Thanks to the removable battery pack it is also possible to adapt the range per battery charge to the size of lawn you need to mow, as the Power X-Change batteries are available with different capacities (Ah) and running times. With the corresponding installation accessories, the robotic lawn mowers can cover areas of 500-1200 m² and are thus also suitable for bigger gardens.

One robotic lawn mower for all situations

Equipped with impact sensors and safety sensors, the robotic lawn mowers move safely and autonomously over the lawn, managing inclines of up to 35% in the process. The cutting height can be freely adjusted between 20-60 mm. Thanks to the multi-area function, the Freelexo mowers are also suitable for complex gardens with more angles. The robotic lawn mowers keep starting the mowing process in different areas of the garden to ensure that the entire lawn is evenly cut. The robotic lawn mowers can be operated via a keypad or – in the case of the Freelexo+ – via an LCD display. In addition, customers have other control and adjustment options at their fingertips for their Freelexo via apps, which can be connected via Bluetooth. For example, a user can define personalized schedules, start up the robotic lawn mower or view the statistics of the unit. In addition, each robotic lawn mower is protected with a PIN against theft and features a rain sensor, which sends the mower back to the charging station automatically if it rains in order to protect the lawn.

Service package for the robotic lawn mower

Einhell offers an installation service for everyone who would prefer to leave the installation of this new gardening aid to the professionals, including the installation of the boundary wire and the commissioning of the robot. On the booked date, our service engineer will visit the customer at home and take care of setting everything up. In addition, Einhell will also soon be introducing additional services such as a winter service for the new product division.

About Einhell

Einhell is a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art tools and equipment for the house and garden. By continuously expanding our innovative rechargeable battery platform Power X-Change, we are now already the market leader in the area of cordless tools and garden equipment. We set new standards in terms of the endurance, performance and safety of our products and inspire our customers by offering excellent value for money, first-class customer service and the freedom of cordless operation for all their DIY projects.

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