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Philip Morris Europe: Philip Morris Seeks Sensible Limits On Tobacco Advertising

    Lausanne, Switzerland (ots-PRNewswire) - Today's decision by the European Court of Justice concerning the validity of the EU Directive regulating tobacco advertising resolves an important issue under the treaties of the European Union. However, this decision does not resolve the fundamental issue of whether and how tobacco advertising should be regulated throughout the European Union.

    "While we believe we have a right to communicate with informed adults about our products, we also agree that restrictions on tobacco advertising are appropriate," said Hans Fluri, President, Philip Morris Europe S.A. "It was in this spirit that we have had discussions with the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (F.I.A.) and others to resolve questions concerning the sponsorship of motor racing teams by tobacco companies."

    "There are very real health risks associated with tobacco use. We do not want children to smoke. We want to prevent under-age access to tobacco and we support restrictions to reduce youth exposure to tobacco advertising," Mr. Fluri said.

    Philip Morris Europe S.A. agrees with the view widely held in Europe that there should be sensible solutions to ensure that tobacco advertising is not generally accessible to young people and it fully supports legislation to achieve that goal.  "We are committed to working with the European Institutions, national  governments, the World Health Organisation, other public health bodies  and all interested parties to find concrete solutions which will ensure  that tobacco advertising and promotion is sensibly regulated,"  Mr. Fluri said.

    "The European Directive provides many useful points for developing framework legislation which would protect our ability to communicate with adult smokers, for example at places where tobacco is sold, while ensuring that there are restrictions adopted which minimise the exposure of young people to tobacco advertising and promotion," said Mr. Fluri.

    "In our view, comprehensive regulation which maintains a level playing field amongst cigarette manufacturers is the best approach. But if this is not achievable, we will continue to take measures on our own initiative to ensure responsible practices," Mr. Fluri said.

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