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    Starnberg, Germany (ots Ad hoc-Service) - DCI Database for Commerce and Industry AG, Germany's leading online marketplace provider for IT/telecom products, started 2000 on a strong footing with the first quarter's results up 47% on the previous year.

    Much of this increase was accounted for by the sharp rise in membership figures. At the end of 1999, 4704 users were registered with the DCI Web marketplace. By the end of March 2000, 6777 members were busy trading IT/telecom products through the DCI WebTradeCenter (www.webtradecenter.de). Membership fees thus fuelled 14 percent of total earnings during the first quarter.

    DCI is extremely pleased with the growing popularity of its corporate membership models for the IT/telecom industry. The models were introduced a mere year ago and current membership figures already attest to their success. DCI launched an initiative to extend corporate membership to customers across all branches of trade and industry in April 2000. It is confident that this initiative will solidly position corporate membership as a lucrative, strategic source of income during the second quarter of 2000, further increasing its percentage of total earnings.

    The sharp increase in DCI WebTradeCenter traffic during the first quarter bears testimony to its fast-emerging status as the most popular e-commerce portal for trade and industry. Some 6000 purchase requests were received during the first three months of the year this corresponds to an increase of 146 percent compared with 1999. During the same period, trade handled by the DCI portal rose by a staggering 357 percent to a total of DM 192 million.

    DCI's traditional product offering (DCI Media) accounts for the greater proportion of turnover. Firmly established on the IT market, "DCI Highlight Fax" and "DCI Highlight Industry" generated 52 percent of total earnings. Both of these print media are based on the DCI WebTradeCenter, Germany's largest IT/telecom trading database.

    Net income after tax exceeded expectations at 1.7 Euro million. This was achieved through transparent cost management and leaner organisation structures.

    For more information on DCI: DCI Database for Commerce and Industry AG Public and Investor Relations Eva Weber Enzianstr. 6 82319 Starnberg Germany

    Telephone: +49 / 81 51/2 65-3 63 Fax: +49 / 81 51/2 65-5 01 E-mail: presse@dci.de; investorrelations@dci.de Internet: www.dci.de or www.webtradecenter.de

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