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ots Ad hoc-Service: Mologen Holding AG Successful vaccination experiment against the feline immunodeficiency virus FIV

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    In the journal AIDS a paper will be published on August 18 which
describes the first use of a vaccine based on Mologen's MIDGE
technology in cats (Lutz, H. et. al. Protection against FIV challenge
infection by genetic vaccination using minimalistic DNA constructs
for FIV env gene and feline IL-12 expression. AIDS 12, 1749-1757

    The research was mainly conducted by the group of Prof. Hans Lutz at the school of veterinary medicine of Zürich University, in cooperation with Mologen Berlin and Virbac of Larosse, France. The topic of the investigation was the immunisation of cats against feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) infection. FIV causes a pathogenicity in cats that closely resembles AIDS in man, but is not harmful to humans. However, the cat model is considered valuable since FIV and HIV share basic structural features and the pathophysiology of a FIV infection is similar to that seen with HIV infection of humans.

    In one of several vaccination regimes investigated, three out of four cats were protected against infection. A similar success at protection against a natural immunodeficiency virus has not yet been reported to our knowledge. The cooperation will be continued with the aim to develop and market a vaccine within the shortest time span possible. The application of these results to the field of HIV/AIDS is a matter of further investigation. A vaccine strategy that is efficacious against FIV infection in cats may provide valuable insights for possible vaccines against HIV infection in humans where the need for an efficacious and inexpensive vaccine is urgent.

    Prof. Lutz is one of the leading experts worldwide on the topic of feline viral disease. Virbac is a leading European provider of animal health care and veterinary vaccines. Mologen develops technologies for genetic vaccination and gene therapy. Mologen's MIDGE technology improves the safety and efficacy of therapeutic and preventive uses of genetic information.

    Contact: Manuel Stern, +49 30 84 17 88 17,

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