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    Wien - Leonding (ots Ad hoc-Service) -  Sales and Earnings In 1999, the timing of product deliveries meant that in effect, the entire result (EUR 5.7 m of that year's "Result from ordinary activities" of EUR 5.8 m) was realised in the 4th Quarter. In the current business year, the pattern of sales and results may be expected to mirror that experienced the year before. Although Group sales for the first half of 2000 was slightly up on the previous year's figure, at EUR 120.1 m (1-6/1999: EUR 114.8 m), the Group closed this period with a "Result from ordinary activities" of EUR -2.5 m (1-6/1999: EUR 0.7 m). The main reason for this deviation from the 1999 figures is the fact that delays in the receipt of incoming orders at Metz meant that only around 22% of the turntable ladders expected to be delivered during the year as a whole were actually delivered in the first half of 2000. In the USA and in Spain, the half- year results are considerably above the 1999 figures. In sum, the results of the other subsidiaries are as planned.


    In spite of the modest results (due to the timing of product deliveries) in the 1st half of 2000, Management expects that for the year as a whole, the Group will achieve comparable sales and "Result from ordinary activities" to that achieved last year (1999: sales: EUR 260.3 m, result: EUR 5.8 m).

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