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H&S on course for growth in Russia

H&S on course for growth in Russia
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Two new orders, a patent notice, and a planned Russian eco fee boost the business of the German plant engineers of H&S on the Russian market

(Sulingen/25 October 2021) The German plant engineers of H&S Anlagentechnik GmbH are realizing two new orders on the Volga. In the Republic of Tatarstan, the engineers are handing over a tank farm and a blending station for the processing and storage of polyurethanes to the automotive supplier Sistemnyi Dom LLC. In the Russian car city of Tolyatti, H&S has also been commissioned by a well-known automotive supplier to build a tank farm. Besides H&S success in the automotive sector, the company was granted a patent for the chemical process for recovering polyols from end-of-life mattresses, which now also enables H&S to market the technology, which is suitable for industrial use and has been tested in Europe, in the Russian Federation. "For us, the patent grant comes at just the right time," says a delighted Rüdiger Schaffrath, Managing Director at H&S, adding: "From next year, Russian mattress manufacturers will either have to recycle their products or pay a fee."

Over 20 years of Russian market presence continues to bear fruit

H&S has been active in the Russian market for over 20 years and has already built many plants for the efficient storage, metering, blending, and formulation of polyurethanes. The tank farms being built in Tatarstan, and Tolyatti provide a storage facility for polyols and isocyanates that makes operators less dependent on the raw materials market and ensure a trouble-free production process. The blending plant being built in Tatarstan will allow additives, catalysts, blowing agents, and solids to be blended into the desired polyol blend. This enables Sistermnyi Dom LLC to produce flexible, integral, and rigid foam applications for the automotive and construction industries.

Good prospects thanks to a patent and Russian eco-fee

H&S has developed an innovative process technology and reactor plants to chemically recycle flexible polyurethane foams contained in end-of-life mattresses and recover valuable polyols for different PU applications out of them. The technology is already successfully in use at Orrion Chemicals Orgaform in France and is a part of Dow’s RENUVATM mattress recycling program. In addition, another plant as the result of H&S collaboration with a Dutch recycling company RetourMatras is being built in the Netherlands. With the granting of the patent, the recycling reactor for post-consumer mattresses used in Europe is now also entering the Russian market, and at a strategically favorable time: "The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade plans to introduce an environmental recycling fee for mattresses from next year," explains Mila Skokova, the Sales and Product Manager at H&S. Accordingly, mattress manufacturers will have to take back ten percent of their products from consumers and either recycle or dispose of them. If they fail to do so, the eco-fee becomes due.

About H&S Anlagentechnik GmbH

H&S Anlagentechnik GmbH develops plant and process technologies for the efficient, flexible, production-safe, and environmentally compatible storage, metering, mixing, and formulation of polyurethanes, as well as for the chemical recycling of PU and PET waste. For 30 years, the plant engineering company has combined chemical expertise and technical production to develop individual solutions for customers from various industries. H&S Anlagentechnik GmbH stands for excellently trained engineers and chemists, international experience, modern production facilities, and a worldwide network of sales partners.

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