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Germany’s ‘green’ foreign minister and the EU’s ‘social democrat’ foreign affairs chief just confirmed that the EU has adopted the ultra-right’s agenda

Brussels, 17 october 2022

The ultra-right’s racist agenda is now the EU’s official agenda, adopted even by high-ranking social democratic and green officials. Two statements issued over the past few days confirm this sad point.

Annalena Baerbock, Germany’s foreign minister, attempted to justify German arms exports to the murderous Saudi regime with the astounding argument that those exports helped put food on the table for the children of Germany. That these same weapons have killed and maimed over 10.000 Yemen children was a detail that seems to have escaped Ms. Baerbock.

Days before, Josep Borrell, the Spanish social democrat now serving as Europe’s High Commissioner (the nearest the EU has to a foreign minister), likened Europe to a beautiful garden surrounded by a dangerous jungle trying to invade it. Had Mr. Borrell been an ultra-rightwing racist, promoting the hideous ideology of a “pure” Europe, he would have found it hard to say anything worse or different to what he disgracefully uttered.

It is a sad fact: The EU is sliding into official racism, into a toxic misanthropy, into a narrative that normalises crimes like the sale of arms to murderous regimes or the intentional drowning of migrants in the Mediterranean’s waters. With politicians like Baerbock and Borrell in office, the ultra-right does not need to win elections.

DiEM25, along with our Greek and German parties (MeRA25 in Greece and MERA25 in Germany), not only condemns these hideous statements and demands the immediate resignation of Baerbock and Borrell, but we also denounce the orchestrated misanthropy that has now taken over the EU’s institutions.

On its website, DiEM25 has launched a petition calling for Borrell’s resignation. We invite people in Europe and beyond to sign it.

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