CeBIT 2002: New Access Point BlueFRITZ! AP-ISDN - AVM Expands Bluetooth Line - The Easiest Way to Use ISDN - World's Smallest Access Point for Wireless ISDN

Berlin/Hanover (ots) - At CeBIT 2002 AVM presents the world's smallest, lightest access point for a Bluetooth connection to ISDN. BlueFRITZ! AP-ISDN connects up to seven PCs to ISDN and the Internet - with no cables. Simply plug the 47-gram access point BlueFRITZ! AP-ISDN into the ISDN line: no separate wall mount or external power supply is necessary. The entire ISDN and Bluetooth technology is concentrated in the size of a business card. Once it is plugged in, the access point is ready to use, with no configuration required. The AVM device, with its futuristic transparent blue design, communicates via Bluetooth with PCs or notebooks equipped with the 12-gram, fingertip-sized BlueFRITZ! USB, for example. This wireless connection carries all ISDN applications, such as Internet access, file transfer, PC telefax and video conferencing, up to 100 meters. BlueFRITZ! AP-ISDN: High Tech in Minimum Size Under the transparent blue surface, both the ISDN technology and the Bluetooth transceiver unit are concentrated in a minimum of space. At 3.9 by 10.6 cm, the latest AVM product is no bigger than a business card. With 8 MB of RAM inside its extremely flat housing - just 2.1 cm high - the access point has room for future upgrades. The new miniature Access Point BlueFRITZ! AP-ISDN is the ideal way to get started in wireless ISDN communication - or to add the wireless variant to an existing ISDN installation, to connect a notebook or a second PC. Just plug BlueFRITZ! AP-ISDN into the ISDN NT an and ISDN PBX extension. No other installation steps are necessary. AVM thus offers the fastest way for new ISDN subscribers to start wireless surfing, mailing and faxing. Up to seven users can connect to ISDN line through the new Access Point. Wireless Communication at up to 240 kbit/s Over 100 Meters with BlueFRITZ! BlueFRITZ! AP-ISDN, like all the BlueFRITZ! family, provides all ISDN applications, including Internet access, file transfer, PC fax and video conferencing. "Fast Internet over ISDN" is also supported of course, for high-speed surfing at up to 240 bit/s. BlueFRITZ! provides a standardized, secure wireless connection to bridge distances of up to 100 meters. All the work of laying cables or drilling holes is eliminated by the local wireless connection. Notebook users too are free to go where they like with BlueFRITZ!: ISDN and the Internet are available throughout the house, as well as in the garden or on the balcony. Each product is preconfigured at the factory with an individual Bluetooth password, which can also be modified by the user, to guarantee that only authorized Bluetooth users obtain access to ISDN. 128-bit encryption, activated by default, and frequency switching up to 1600 times per second ensure maximum security against eavesdropping. All ISDN Features Over Bluetooth BlueFRITZ! AP-ISDN is equipped with the standardized Bluetooth profile CIP (Common ISDN Access Profile). This means it supports demanding ISDN data compression, channel bundling and D-channel communication techniques with compatible peer stations. Furthermore, the CIP profile permits the use of all ISDN applications for data, voice and fax services - the full versatility enjoyed by users of FRITZ!Card PCI, the world's best-selling ISDN-Controller. The ideal client for the new Access Point is a PC or notebook with BlueFRITZ! USB. Like all AVM products, the BlueFRITZ! devices are ready to incorporate continuing advances in technology through simple software updates. Future features of Bluetooth and ISDN will be available at the click of a mouse by download from the AVM web site. ots Originaltext: AVM Computersysteme Vertriebs GmbH Internet: http://www.presseportal.de Contact: AVM Computersysteme Vertriebs GmbH Urban Bastert Alt-Moabit 95 Press Relations Office D-10559 Berlin Tel. +49-(0)-30-39 97 62 14 Tel. +49-(0)30-39 97 60 Fax +49-(0)30-39 97 66 40 www.avm.de E-mail u.bastert@avm.de Original-Content von: AVM GmbH, übermittelt durch news aktuell

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