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Wireless communication at home is revolutionized with Gigaset H49data - Wireless surfing at home speeds up from 1.6 to up to 10Mbps

Wireless communication at home is revolutionized with Gigaset H49data
- Wireless surfing at home speeds up from 1.6 to up to 10Mbps
With the new product Gigaset H49data people at home can easily build up a wireless network.

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    Hannover (ots) - Web surfers who want highspeed Internet access at
home will welcome the news that Siemens has increased the
transmission speed of its Gigaset H49data products from 1.6 to up to
10 Mbps.  The jump in transmission speed will allow people at home to
download huge data files such as games, videos or audio streaming and
also interactively exchange those data files between each other.  Up
to eight members can be integrated into this private network.
    Installation is easy: users simply connect their notebook or PC
via the USB (Universal Serial Bus) Adapter Gigaset H497data or
PC-Card Gigaset H498data to the basestation Gigaset H4900data. The
PC-Card is compatible with every notebook, as well as other web-based
devices (e.g. Siemens SIMpad SL4) with a standard PC-Card slot.
Customers who already own the previous Gigaset H48data range will be
pleased to hear that the original USB-Adapter Gigaset H487data and
PC-Card Gigaset H488data are compatible with the new Gigaset
H4900data Basestation.
    Christoph Caselitz, President of Cordless Products within the
Information and Communication Mobile Group said: "Siemens Gigaset
H49data is a must for anyone using DSL or cable at home.  The speeds
offered by this updated version, combined with the quick and simple
installation of devices will enhance the quality of life of our
customers - the times of quarrelling over Internet access are finally
    The Siemens Gigaset H4900data Basestation, the USB Adapter Gigaset
H497data and the PC Card H498data will be available from this summer
    The "mobile life @ home" product world
    The Gigaset H49data is the latest product to be launched from
Siemens 'mobile life @ home' communication concept, which encompasses
much more than just sophisticated data communication networks.  It
means that all Siemens cordless products can be combined easily and
tailored to individuals' or groups of peoples' communication needs,
whether they want to share information between several notebooks, or
simply use their cordless Siemens Gigaset telephone whilst surfing
the net from their PC.
    The users' existing infrastructure is taken into consideration, as
'mobile life @ home' offers voice and data products for analogue
lines, ISDN, cable or DSL and all products are completely scalable,
allowing consumers to combine new products with existing ones. The
'mobile life @ home' range starts with basic cordless phones such as
the Gigaset 200 up to the stylish Gigaset 4000 Micro products mainly
for those who just want to talk wirelessly.  Voice and data
integration is simple via the Gigaset 4170isdn - a basestation for
data communication, that integrates easily with all existing cordless
Gigaset phones.
    Users who need even faster data access will choose the new Gigaset
H49data range which also allows many different users to share a
network at the same time  - wherever they are at home.
    Caselitz: "Communicating without wires at home is one of the
biggest demands of today's customers. Since broadband technology such
as ISDN, cable and DSL is widely spread this demand also refers to
wireless data communication. Siemens is the only company that offers
a complete range of wireless products that are entirely scalable -
enabling consumers to build their own 'mobile life @ home' in
    Entry to the 'mobile life @ home' world is easy, as a simple
Gigaset voice product opens the door to a wireless world at home.
Adding wireless printing and web access capabilities can be done
easily and when desired.
    The Siemens Information and Communication Mobile Group (IC Mobile)
offers the complete range of mobile solutions including mobile
devices, infrastructure and applications. Devices include mobile
phones, wireless modules, mobile organizers and cordless phones as
well as products for wireless home networks. The infrastructure
portfolio includes GSM, GPRS and 3G mobile network technologies from
base stations and switching systems to intelligent networks, e.g. for
prepaid services. Mobile Applications cover end-to-end solutions for
Messaging, Location Based Services or Mobile Payment. For the fiscal
year 2001 (September 30), IC Mobile recorded sales of EUR 11.3
billion and employed 30,730 people worldwide.
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