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intec Innovations at CeBIT 2002: Convenient measurement technology for ADSL and ISDN

    Lüdenscheid (ots) - According to the current study of TELCO trends
carried out by the management consultants Mummert und Partner, both
the management and specialists in the telecommunications branch
consider the following three to be the most important challenges for
2002: the strategic areas cost reduction and customer loyalty  and
the rapid spread of DSL transmission technology. A good signal for
telecommunication measurement technology - since well thought-out
test equipment is a decisive factor in achieving both efficiency and
economy when setting up and maintaining telecommunication accesses
and thus assures increased customer satisfaction. At this year's
CeBIT, intec GmbH presents new handheld testers for the various ADSL
interfaces plus improved solutions for the analysis and monitoring of
ISDN and POTS interfaces: Other additions to the program, include the
ARGUS 55 PRI analyser and the ARGUS X.21 handheld converter; while
the ISDN all-rounder, the ARGUS 25, has been upgraded with additional
    ARGUS 43 / 44: Uncomplicated ADSL Installation
    The current "Broadband Access" study from Prognos confirms that
ADSL is the most rapidly growing high-speed transmission technology
in Germany. For the network operators and the service companies
commissioned with setting up these lines, the ARGUS 43 and 44 ADSL
testers substantially ease the entire process of putting these lines
into operation. ADSL measurement has become even more important,
since the access for the T-DSL modem behind the ADSL splitter was
deregulated in January 2002. This deregulation means that
installation companies and customers will purchase the necessary
modem themselves. To ensure that the promised DSL speed is actually
achieved, the access should be checked and qualified before the
commissioning and the results should be documented in a test report -
with the ARGUS 43 and 44 child's play.
    The ARGUS 43 supports the measurement of the up and downstream
line parameters with a graphic display. It can be used with
ADSL-over-POTS as well as ADSL-over-ISDN (in accord with the ITU-T
G.992.1 (Annex B), ITU-T G.992.2, ITU-T G.994.1 and ANSI T1.413.2
standards). Upon request, it is also available in a more economical
version with support for just one of these interfaces. The ARGUS 44
is a combi-tester, which, in addition to the functions of the ARGUS
43, also supports terminal simulation on POTS and BRI accesses.
Variants of the ARGUS 44 offer ADSL support for just ADSL-over-POTS
or ADSL-over-ISDN.
    Like all of intec's handheld testers, the ARGUS 43 and 44 are
intuitive to operate and therefore require no extensive knowledge of
ADSL. The ARGUS WINplus software, which permits the clear
presentation of the test results and extensive analysis of the data
on a PC, has been extended to support ADSL with the appropriate
measurements and graphics. With this program, it is easy to provide
detailed documentation of any malfunctions.
    ARGUS 55: The Specialist for PRI Analysis
    The ARGUS 55 standalone monitor was developed to support the
long-term analysis of a PRI access. With its 8MB of internal memory,
it can record the traffic on an access with average usage for several
days without the assistance of a PC. For even longer-term recordings,
the ARGUS 55 can transfer the data directly to a PC and is then only
limited by the resources of the PC. The powerful WINanalyse software
supports convenient analysis of the recorded protocol data both
online and offline.
    ARGUS X.21: Handheld Converter
    The ARGUS X.21 converter for the service sector converts E1-ISDN
data to X.21 permanent circuit data and vice versa. It adds support
for testing X.21 permanent circuits to E1/PRI test equipment like the
ARGUS 25 and thus eliminates the need to purchase yet another tester.
It can convert n x 64Kbit/s up to the maximum data rate of 2 Mbit/s
(framed / unframed) on the X.21 side. The current settings and
messages are presented on a backlit display. The device is small,
handy and robust, simple to operate using its keypad, extremely
mobile thanks to its battery operation and internal charger and is
thus the optimum choice for the service sector.
    ARGUS 25: The ISDN All-Rounder with New Features
    The ARGUS 25 is intec's amazing ISDN handheld tester, which
supports all of the functions needed when installing and servicing
BRI, PRI, U-Interface and POTS accesses. It can handle TE/NT
simulations on BRI and PRI interfaces as well as TE simulation on
POTS and U-interfaces. Furthermore, it also supports D-channel
monitoring on BRI and PRI accesses. Since it comes with 4MB of
memory, the access under test can be monitored without a PC.
    The ARGUS 25's spectrum of features has now been extended with an
optional MegaBERT, which permits the ARGUS 25 to run a BERT (bit
error rate test) at the full bandwidth of 2 Mbit/s - on all 32 time
slices (2Mbit unframed) or at 1984 kbit/s on the time slices 1-31
(2Mbit framed) - that can be used for acceptance tests or measurement
of permanent circuits with graphic analysis on a PC. On a PRI access,
the bit error rate test can be run to a loopbox - with any device on
the opposing end - or can be performed as an end-to-end measurement
with an identical ARGUS tester. Another new feature is the optional
V5.x monitor, which can be used to record the V5.x protocol so that
WINanalyse can decode it.
    * ARGUS 44: from EUR 2,090 plus VAT
    * ARGUS 43: from EUR 1,490 plus VAT
    * ARGUS 55: from EUR 1,890 plus VAT
    * ARGUS X.21: ca. EUR 1,590 plus VAT
    * ARGUS 25: ca. EUR 3,320 plus VAT
    * optional MegaBERT: ca. EUR 760 plus VAT
    * optional V5.x Monitor: ca. EUR 1,990 plus VAT.
    CeBIT 2002
    13. - 20.03.2002
    Hall 27, Stand C24
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