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On vacation with a watch

On vacation with a watch
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Take some time out!

You don't need to leave your watch behind (unless you're really worried about those tan lines). The experts in Glashütte, the German destination for fine watches, share what to keep in mind while traveling.

GLASHÜTTE, JUNE 2021. After many long months of lockdown, a change of scenery is needed more than ever. And your watch is happy to join you. But first, there are a few things you need to know to help keep your watch safe.

By, in, and on the sea

NOMOS watches are more robust than you might think. The fine watchmaking craft inside is protected by stainless steel and sapphire crystal glass. Tangente Sport, Club Sport, and the watches in the Ahoi family are particularly robust—and ready for diving— thanks to their six-screw back, screw-down crown, and excellent legibility. These watches stay watertight (up 30 or 20 atm respectively, depending on the model).

Our Club Campus watches are also water resistant to 100 meters—meaning these timepieces will enjoy sailing, swimming, or snorkeling along with you. But take care of the strap: Leather becomes waterlogged if submerged for too long. Bracelets and textile straps, on the other hand, are fine in water. Just make sure to rinse the salt away after you have been in the sea.

Some NOMOS watches are not so keen on water. They are splash-proof, but you shouldn't take them swimming. Look at the papers that came with your watch. NOMOS Glashütte differentiates water resistance between 3, 5, 10, 20, and 30 atm, and we engrave this information on the case back from 5 atm upwards. But whatever number it says on your watch, the seals of all mechanical watches should always stay intact. They are made of rubber and should be changed every couple of years. If you are unsure, just drop by your local retailer—where they can test the water resistance of your watch in no time at all and usually free of charge. You can also find more tips on the NOMOS Glashütte website.

Traveling by plane

In general, we recommend taking off your NOMOS watch at security rather than putting it through the metal detector, as magnetic fields can be harmful to mechanical watches—causing them to gain time. One thing to note about your strap when it comes to air travel: Genuine Horween Shell Cordovan, which NOMOS Glashütte uses for the majority of its leather straps, is particularly rich and dense with lots of natural oil. Changes in temperature and pressure can cause this oil to escape and give the strap a powdery appearance. But don't worry: Simply polish it away with a soft cloth and the strap will return to being as glossy as ever.

In northern regions—where it’s hot one minute, and cold the next

NOMOS watches are ready for almost anything, even a hunt for the Northern Lights. A little caution is required if you step out of your warm sleeping bag into an ice-cold igloo; the quick temperature change could cause your watch to steam up. Large and sudden temperature changes are not good for mechanical watches. You can simply wait a little while as the moisture usually disappears by itself. However, should your watch steam up often during your holiday, we recommend taking it to a watchmaker upon your return for a checkup.

Traveling to hot and humid countries

NOMOS watches also withstand these sorts of tropical climates. But if you go swimming, it's better to take your watch off before jumping into the water. The watch can only go swimming if 10 atm or more is written on the case back. We recommend a NOMOS bracelet or textile strap for the summer months—they withstand heat, sweat, seawater, and everything else you can throw at it.

All the way to the top—of the mountains

Got a bad case of wanderlust? You can easily go climbing while wearing a watch from NOMOS Glashütte. The sapphire crystal glass in NOMOS watches is very robust; only a diamond is harder. For real feats of endurance, NOMOS watchmakers recommend selecting one of our robust watch—such as the Sport models, for example.

Are you and your readers looking forward to a vacation as much as we are? We have more information about traveling with watches, the 175-year-old tradition of watchmaking in Glashütte—and we can strongly recommend planning a trip to come visit us. It’s worth it!

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