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Remember to spring forward

Remember to spring forward
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Remember to spring forward

On Sunday, March 28 we’ll jump straight from one to two o’clock. For many, this change is annoying. But there are worse things than losing an hour. And the right mnemonic device can make the switch quick and painless.

GLASHÜTTE, FEBRUARY 2021. The old saying is true: Time is money, and when someone wastes our time, they steal it too. But perhaps no one steals as much time from us as we do. Napping, idling, forwarding memes on our phones, returning things we’ve ordered online that we never needed in the first place, loitering around outside only to go home to do the exact same thing, drinking a third cup of coffee while listening to the news, again.

We’ve all been there, right? And when you consider how much of our own time we waste, perhaps we should reconsider how we see daylight saving on March 28. Of course, it’s another pesky item on the to-do list, switching to daylight saving time. On this day, we lose one hour from our Sunday through no fault of our own. But these 60 minutes are not gone forever: In the fall season there is a 25-hour Sunday, the day this lost hour returns to us.

Another reason why the changing of the clocks is annoying is because it’s always so tricky to remember: When do we move the hands forwards and when do they go back?

These mnemonic devices can help:

• Spring forward, fall back.

• Spring takes its time with no warning, fall gives it back one early morning.

• First we lose what we then find again (and never the other way around).


Is daylight saving time also on your agenda this year? Feel free to use this image and text. And if you have any questions about the changing of the clocks, daylight saving time, mnemonic devices, or simply better times from Glashütte, just get in touch. We have lots to share: Our independent watchmaking company produces mechanical wristwatches in a 175-year-old tradition, such as the watch shown in the image, Tangente.

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Weitere Storys: NOMOS Glashütte/SA Roland Schwertner KG
Weitere Storys: NOMOS Glashütte/SA Roland Schwertner KG