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    Cuxhaven (ots Ad hoc-Service) - Plambeck Neue Energien AG: Trade is now independent

      The Plambeck Neue Energien AG has done the first step to sell the
former trade division: The division has been outsourced into the new
founded "Plambeck Energiekonzept AG". The company contract was signed
on Wednesday, 20 September 2000 in Cuxhaven. It is planned to decide
about the sale of the new founded company with the former trade
division during the extraordinary General Meeting on 29 November
2000. With this step the Plambeck Neue Energien AG concentrates
solely on the former main business, the use of all forms of renewable
    The board of directors of the Plambeck Neue Energien AG has
already received binding participation offers for a considerable part
at the new company. This ensures that the contributions already made
by the Plambeck Neue Energien AG for the establishment of the trade
division can at least be compensated. This leads to a considerable
improvement of the result for the Plambeck Neue Energien AG.

    Within the scope of the sale of the new company all shareholders of the Plambeck Neue Energien AG will receive an offer for participation during the extraordinary General Meeting.

    Chairman of the new Plambeck Energiekonzept AG is Dr. Thomas Nonnewitz, who has been a member of the board of directors of Plambeck Neue Energien AG responsible for the trade division.

    The Plambeck Neue Energien AG now concentrates on the main business with renewable energies: Generation of energy from wind power, solar radiant energy, water power and biomass. The fast expansion into the European countries as well as the projecting of offshore wind parks are part of this business.

    Public Relations Rainer Heinsohn, Public Relations, Ph.: +49 4721/ 718-453

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