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Imaginative Audi employees
250,000 ideas save more than DM 130 million

    Ingolstadt/Neckarsulm (ots) -
    Audi employees have so far submitted a quarter of a million
suggestions since the suggestions scheme was introduced in 1994.
150,000 of these were in Ingolstadt and 100,000 in Neckarsulm. Dr. h.
c. Andreas Schleef, Member of the Board of AUDI AG for Human
Resources, acknowledged the creativeness of the company's employees
today in Ingolstadt.
    The company has so far been able to save around DM 132 million by
putting the ideas submitted into practice. The employees'
imaginativeness has been rewarded with a total bonus payment of
around DM 33 million. "But we don't just want those suggestions that
generate the highest possible savings," commented Schleef, "we are
also interested in achieving many minor improvements."
    As Thomas Neuhaus, head of Audi's suggestions office, explained:
"The main objective of the scheme is to exploit the creative
potential of all employees in order to optimise operations and
products. This helps to encourage the commitment of employees and
their involvement in the company."
    If put into practice, a suggestion with a calculable benefit may
be rewarded with a bonus of up to DM 100,000. But a bonus is also
paid out for suggestions which are put into practice but whose
benefit cannot be gauged, if they achieve improvements in the area of
environmental protection or occupational safety, for example.
    "We are convinced that the active involvement of our employees
helps to improve processes and products, and thus contributes
significantly towards safeguarding jobs at Audi," remarked Georg
Hertrich, Works Council spokesman for the assessment committee.
    Audi is an international developer and manufacturer of
high-quality cars. The company maintains production sites in Germany,
Hungary, Brazil, China and South Africa. In 1999 Audi supplied around
635,000 cars and produced more than 1.2 million engines, bringing in
sales revenues in excess of DM 29.6 billion. The Audi Group currently
has around 48,000 employees.
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