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21.09.2005 – 12:50

abas Software AG

ABAS at SYSTEMS 2005: ERP software expanded by new functions
eBusiness solution for medium-sized business in focus

    Karlsruhe (ots)

From October 24th -28th  the IT fair SYSTEMS will take place in Munich. In hall A1 on stand 238, the ABAS Software AG will, together with its sales partners, present innovations regarding abas Business Software (ERP, PPC, MRP, eBusiness). abas eB is a highly flexible Internet solution for medium-sized businesses which grows with the requirements and always remains upgradable - ERP and eBusiness go hand in hand.

    The brand name abas Business Software includes the products abas ERP, abas Trade and abas eB. Thus, a complete solution, which provides a broad spectrum of functions, is available to medium-sized industrial, trade and service companies:  from purchasing and sales over materials management, production planning and production to accounting and eBusiness. The software provider from Karlsruhe will present innovations regarding these business solutions on SYSTEMS.

    abas eB: eBusiness for medium-sized businesses

    abas eB provides all advantages of a flexible eBusiness solution suited to medium-sized businesses.  abas eB combines many years of ERP know-how with the most modern Internet technology. On the basis of ready-made Web Applications companies can construct their solutions as they desire and incorporate their own ideas.  Fields of application are for example shop, order information, service processing, connection of external systems, customer/management information systems or the connection of suppliers. Additional applications are quickly set up.

    Using the advantages of eBusines

    Companies that are already using abas ERP as well as users of other ERP systems can benefit from the advantages of the eBusiness solution:  abas eB offers a completely integrated ERP system in which the application logic is realized with database, a full function range and efficient interfaces for connecting external systems. The data maintenance of the information provided on the Internet, e.g. the customer or product data in a Webshop, is easy and comfortable. Business partners can be connected via abas eB; it is also possible to make data from external applications, such as CAD, CAQ, CRM or archiving systems available on the Internet. The information and service range can be extended by using Web services. Moreover, the eBusiness software contains extensive tools using which adaptations can be carried out fast and easily so that project costs can be decreased. The use of modern Java technology makes it possible to run abas eB on all current Linux platforms and Windows XP. The Web solution is scalable and even if demand is increasing and more access takes place, stability can be maintained and the response time stays in a reasonable range.  All abas eB applications can be created and operated multilingual - at present more than 25 languages are available. abas eB grows with the customer's demands and always remains upgradeable.

    ERP functions expanded

    At SYSTEMS, ABAS will present Version 2005 of abas Business Software (ERP, PPC, MRP, eBusiness). The current version contains many innovations and enhancements.  One of the new functions is for example the subcontracting (external processing) using which the jobs which are accrued in production from the semifinished products and possibly the products supplied by subcontractors, are managed. The requirements determination of products to be procured (all procurement types) has been structured in more detail. In the production area there are various new comfortable infosystems - there is for example a new command center  for work order suggestions which facilitates the management of work order suggestions. Version 2005 also contains new functions, messages and infosystems in the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)/Automotive area. The integrated financial accounting provides numerous expansions such as for cash book, foreign payment transactions, balance sheet and G/L creation, check processing, currency-specific roundings, tax codes and sets of books. There are also innovations in the function areas cost accounting, material valuation, purchasing and sales, administration, interfaces, database as well as the graphical user interface (GUI) and print.

    Advantage: internationality

    Since medium-sized businesses are more and more integrated in world-wide operating corporate networks they need an internationally tailored software. abas Business Software is multilingual, in the user menu as well as in the display language. The users can work with the same data set in different operating languages. Thus, the cooperation with foreign subsidiaries is made easier. At present, abas Business Software is available in over 25 languages. ABAS is represented internationally by over 40 partners worldwide.

    From medium-sized businesses for medium-sized businesses

    Medium-sized businesses are supporting the economy. These businesses need tried and tested products, a partner who is able to solve their requirements and that, if possible, within a few weeks and with a perfect price/performance relation. Expertise, such as comprehensive business knowledge, reference projects and many years of experience when dealing with medium-sized businesses as well as the service and support quality, the ROI, the continuing personal cooperation and the guaranteed future of the IT provider are of importance. ABAS itself is a medium-sized business and is therefore able to understand other medium-sized businesses and their demands, knows how to deal with them and has many years of experience. Since 1980 the software house from Karlsruhe has been successfully on the market and has continuously developed from a company that was once a group of students to a world-wide operating group of companies with approximately 1,700 customers.

    Company profile of the ABAS Software AG

    More than 1,700 customers have opted to use ABAS as their IT specialist and for the integrated abas Business Software, which has become one of the most successful ERP programs on the international market during the past few years. ABAS has as their customers top companies (with 10 to 1000 employees) from various business sectors. The list of references includes well-known companies such as Würth Elektronik, Dortmunder Westfalenhallen, Mafell, Robbe, Lufthansa LEOS and HOMA Pumpenfabrik. The ABAS Software AG has established a qualified partner network of over 450 IT organizational and application consultants for their customer support. The abas Software Partners provide on-site support and a range of services including implementation, hardware and network support, customization and a helpdesk.

    Around 40 abas Software Partners ensure quick reaction times and a high quality service. International partners in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Rumania, Bulgaria, Turkey, the Czech Republic, France, Spain, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Latin America and the USA represent the ABAS Software AG throughout the world. The partner network is continuously expanded.

    abas Business Software - product portrait

    abas Business Software is a flexible, adaptable and future-proof complete business solution (ERP, PPC, MRP, eBusiness) for medium-sized businesses. The flexible ERP standard software optimizes the business processes in the company. Manifold optional web and eBusiness applications can be implemented. The clear structure and well thought-out implementation strategy of abas Business Software enables a short implementation period, as well as a trouble-free integration into the company structure. Specific requirements can be integrated into abas ERP at a minimal cost. New functions and technologies are constantly added to the standard software. As a result, abas users are always using the most up-to-date product. abas Business Software can run using Linux, Unix and Windows. ABAS has supported the open source operating system Linux on the server-side since 1995. Approximately 80% of over 1,700 abas installations are based on Linux. abas Business Software is offered in the front end range of Linux from Version 2003 onwards. Linux has proven to be a cost effective, stable and high performance system on both the server and the client side. The service spectrum includes: Sales/sales order processing/shipping, purchasing/purchase orders, warehouse management, scheduling, logistics, materials management/MRP, production/PPC, financial accounting, fixed asset accounting, cost accounting, controlling, eBusiness, etc.

Pressekontakt: Christoph Harzer Marketing Manager Tel. 0721/9672332

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