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caatoosee Joins Leading
Asian Software Group
caatoosee ag will acquire a majority stake in the Sigma Group,
Indonesia's leading IT solutions provider. The Executive Board of
caatoosee ag and the Board of Directors of the Indonesian PT Sigma
Cipta Caraka today signed an agreement to this effect in Jakarta.
The agreement stipulates that caatoosee ag will acquire a 54.84%
stake in PT Sigma Cipta Caraka, the holding company of the Indonesian
Sigma Group. It also entitles caatoosee ag to acquire additional
shares in PT Sigma Cipta Caraka in the future.
The Sigma software group was founded in 1987 as a specialist for
IT solutions in the banking and finance sectors and soon evolved into
one of Indonesia's leading IT solution providers. Today, the Sigma
group of companies has competencies in the areas of ASP services,
access providing, IT outsourcing, and infrastructure services. Its
customers include companies like Microsoft and Oracle. In the past
business year, the Sigma Group generated sales totaling USD 19
million. For the current business year, the group is projecting sales
to grow to over USD 40 million, with EBIT expected to reach USD 7.5
million. To date, the Sigma Group has generated sales totaling some
USD 10 million in fiscal 2001.
The transaction makes it possible for caatoosee to benefit from
significant synergy effects in ASP-driven software development and
marketing, caatoosee ag has now established a comprehensive presence
in one of the world's largest growth markets. By Joining the Sigma
Group, caatoosee is increasing its workforce to some 900 employees,
most of them based in Europe and Asia.
More information:
caatoosse ag PT Sigma Cipta Caraka Martin Wenk Eddy Sugiri
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Subijanto Dj. Germany BumiSerpongPamai Tangerang 15321 Indonesia ph
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Weitere Storys: caatoosee ag i.L.