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ots Ad hoc-Service: Fortec Elektronik Report 3rd quarter 1999/2000 1.7.1999-31.03.2000

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    As a hightech company of the electronic industry FORTEC participates from the optimistic business climate in Germany. Sales of semiconductors could be increased by 65% to 5 mio. DM compared with the first three quarters of last fiscal year. Especially sales per quarter of the running fiscal year of 1 mio. DM in 1st quarter, 1.4 mio. DM in 2nd quarter and 2.6 mio. DM in 3rd. quarter show the dynamic of the semiconductor market. We can presumably increase profit with ICs ten times compared to last year. The area of display technic and embedded computer technology achieved plus 28% with sales of 13 mio. DM. Because of high backlog in this area we expect a further increase until the end of fiscal year. The area of powersupplies could exceed the high expectations with an increase of 42% to 14.2 mio. DM.

    After HypoVereinsbank has already classified the share in January as an outperformer in comparison to NEMAX 50, this estimation was reconfirmed in the new research dated March 2000. FORTEC is looked at as a technological trendsetter with above-average growth rates and increasing market shares. For the fiscal year 1999/2000 the HypoVereinsbank estimates the earning per share at EUR 0.98 and rates the share value still reasonable in comparison to other technology values.

      Jul 99-Mar 2000 Jul 98-Mar 99 delta

      Auftragseingang 32.611 22.966 +42% Bookings inTDM

      Auftragsbestand/ 9.592 6.810 +41% Backlog zum 31.03. inTDM

      Umsatz/Sales 32.056 22.669 +41% revenues in TDM

      Ergebnis vor 1.745 1.230 +42% Steuern EBT inTDM

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