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    Hannover/Garbsen (ots Ad hoc-Service) - LPKF Laser & Electronics AG announces the first sale of a MicrolineLaser system. This machine enables a completely new technology for the production of superfine circuits and has been ordered by a large US- American company working in medical technology who will use this system for the production of medical appliances. This brought us the breakthrough on a market for which considerable growth potential is forecast, said Dr. Jörg Kickelhain, member of the board of directors for research.

    This technology is now ready to be used in production, allowing also further miniaturisation of products like mobile phones and digital film and photo equipment. It is used in telecommunications and, as this first sale success of a MicrolineLaser shows, also increasingly in medical technology.

    According to Kickelhain, LPKF is expecting further sales worth mentioning of MicrolineLaser systems this year. The announced cooperation for the development of new processes for PCB structuring with Atotech Germany, a subsidiary of French ELF Aquitaine, is one of the reasons why LPKF is expecting rapidly growing sale of further MicrolineLaser systems. This new technology is a decisive factor for the future of LPKF, says Jörg Kickelhain. As planned, its share of the total turnover of the company will further increase.

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