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MATERNA at the CeBIT trade fair 2002: Hall 12, Stand A15

    Dortmund (ots) -          SMS trends: Premium, Fixed Network and Multimedia          Products and solutions, known under the brand name Anny Way, will be presented by MATERNA GmbH Information & Communications at the CeBIT technology trade fair 2002 in Hall 12, Stand A15. Further novelties include products from the areas Premium SMS, Mobile Marketing, Fixed Network SMS, Wireless Application Server (MExE) and Mobility Services. In addition, the company with the headquarters in Dortmund will present its powerful and complete supply for Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) with MMS Center, MMS Client and MMS applications.     

    Premium SMS for companies

    Premium SMS is currently one of the most important SMS trends. In this process, the well-known 0900 model is transferred to the data area. Thus, companies can become content providers and generate additional sales.          With Premium SMS, the end customer pays an additional charge, which is added to the usual SMS price and predominantly flows to the content provider. Premium SMS is an outstanding medium, particularly for winning games and services.          For the first time, online contents can be also accounted for with Premium SMS. The customer can, for instance, request the password for an area with costs in the Internet by using SMS. With a higher price for SMS messages, the use of the Web sites will be then paid off.          MATERNA permits the Premium SMS delivery in all German mobile communication networks as well as in the national fixed network. Likewise, the connection to numerous international network operators is ensured.          Relying on the well-known Anny Way SMS services, MATERNA offers, for the first time this year, special concepts for mobile marketing initiatives, aimed at providing companies with an intelligent link of traditional advertising media to the medium SMS.          MATERNA thereby develops, together with other companies, advertising agencies and network carriers, business models and makes available the required technical implementation. At the CeBIT technology trade fair, the Premium SMS application will be illustrated by examples. Possible mobile marketing campaigns will be also shown.               SMS of the future

    MMS sets its sights on the success factors of the SMS: store and forward mode as well as easy operability. Indeed, attractive and profitable applications can already be implemented with GPRS, Wireless LAN and HSCSD.          MATERNA enters the MMS business marketplace with a global and complete solution: MMS Client, MMS Center and MMS applications will allow the network operators to have one source of supply for both hardware and software items. All components will be presented for the first time at the CeBIT technology trade fair in Hanover, Germany.          Owners of pocket PC can subsequently install MATERNA MMS Client without any problem. Thus, the network operators can provide a large number of customers with their MMS services in a very short time.          In Hanover, MATERNA will also offer the possibility to send MMS picture postcards. These can be either selected from a preset collection or individually put into an album. With "MMS Mobile News", the first news service will be additionally presented. It illustrates, for instance, the weather forecast with pictures or shows the newly elected president with commentary and photo.               Communication in the fixed network via SMS messaging

    With Anny Way, the fixed network can also be used to send SMS messages either to another fixed network connection or to a mobile phone. Depending upon the telephone in use, the message is delivered as text or spoken message. An analog fixed net connection will be sufficient to receive an SMS message. MATERNA has already developed the technical facilities, which will help each fixed network carrier offer this service to its customers. The MATERNA fixed network service offers a whole range of options even for products, such as Premium SMS. At the CeBIT trade fair, SMS value-added services, such as news and weather, will also be presented for the first time in connection with the fixed network service.     

    More options with the wireless application server

    With the Anny Way wireless application server based on MExE (Mobile Execution Environment), a universal and efficient platform is supplied for the first time. It makes the execution of any application, regardless to its operating system and manufacturer, possible on mobile terminals. So far, all mobile applications had to be each time customized for different terminals or completely redeveloped. With the wireless application server, it is now easy to download, save and execute applications for the first time on all terminals without any problem.          MATERNA will present at the CeBIT its Anny Way wireless application server, which will be soon available for purchase or operation and proposed to network carriers and content providers. This server can be used to configure applications and can be supplied with updates. The visitors will be shown various mobile-only applications, such as games or screensavers. Complex mobile-to-server applications, such as dictionary and Stock Exchange ticker, will be presented live and on different terminals.     

    Intranet from en route

    With the ASP solution Anny Way Mobility Services, MATERNA is bridging the gap between the company-owned applications and the mobile devices. The exchange of information by using SMS and WAP takes place at any time and everywhere within international mobile communication networks. One example for the efficient connection of different applications is the quick reply and editing of email notifications and tasks, which can comfortably take place via SMS messaging. Appointment requests and the query of a contact address from the personal Exchange contact directory are easily submitted as well. The Anny Way mobility services have been jointly developed by Hewlett Packard and MATERNA.          The MATERNA Business Unit Communications can be also consulted at the following partners:

    Citrix                        Hall 3, Stand B29
    Hewlett Packard         Hall 1, Stand 7i2
    SUN                            Hall 1, Stand 8A2
    MATERNA GmbH Information & Communications

    MATERNA is a leading software company in the field of information and communication technology. The company employs worldwide 1.400 staff members and its turnover was estimated to 178 million EURO (349 million Marks) for the year 2000. Beside the head office in Dortmund, the company has offices and subsidiaries located all over Germany as well as in Denmark, France, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Great Britain, Czech republic, Thailand and Hong Kong. In the Business Unit Information, MATERNA develops complete e-business solutions for companies and e-government solutions for contract-placing authorities. These solutions consist of Internet applications, customer loyalty and service tools (e-CRM) as well as of management of the required IT systems (e-management). The Business Unit Communications offers products and solutions from the business area Mobile Solutions and Unified Messaging. This includes in particular mobile value-added services on base of WAP and SMS which are distributed under the label name Anny Way. The Anny Way Academy is active on the market in terms of trainings and consulting services as found in practice.      ots Original Text Service: MATERNA GmbH

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