CeBIT 2002: New Access Server with Integrated VPN - AVM Combines VPN with ISDN and ADSL

    Berlin/Hanover (ots) -  At CeBIT 2002, AVM presents a new solution
for simple access to the corporate network, from home or on the road.
The AVM Access Server now allows employees to choose whether to
access the company network over the Internet, or over a direct ISDN
or GSM dial-in connection.  The user-friendly software product for
standard PCs or servers combines remote access, routing and VPN
capabilities with powerful AVM ISDN and ADSL controllers. VPN stands
for Virtual Private Network. The secure Internet standard "IPsec"  is
used to provide safe, private data connections over the Internet.
Another advantage: the costs for Internet access do not vary with the
distance from the company network. A new user interface for the AVM
Access Server provides familiar Windows wizards, and allows users
with little networking expertise to set up a VPN. The new AVM Access
Server will be available from dealers in early summer.
    AVM Access Server for Secure, Economical Connections
    The AVM Access Server at the company headquarters makes it simple
for the corporate network to integrate stand-alone PCs located at
remote home offices, or whole LANs at branch offices. The remote
locations can connect to the company network over ISDN dial-up or
leased lines, or over mobile GSM or HSCSD dial-in. And now the AVM
Access Server also allows the use of the Internet for remote access
to the corporate network. To protect the private network and the data
being transported over the Internet, the link is implemented as a
virtual private network (VPN) with secure authentication and data
encryption. The PCs can then exchange data just as if they were on a
private LAN, even though they are actually connected over the
Internet. Authentication and data encryption techniques are used to
create a virtual tunnel through the Internet, through which the
private data reaches the remote site securely. The advantage: the
only connection costs are those for local access to the Internet,
regardless of the distance between the network users. In conjunction
with economical Internet access rates, this can drastically cut
communication costs. AVM demonstrates the advantages of a VPN in Hall
13, Stand C48. The fair stand is connected over a VPN link to the AVM
Intranet at the company's Berlin headquarters. The software product
NetWAYS/ISDN is available as the ideal complement to the AVM Access
Server. NetWAYS/ISDN is a remote access client that manages the
individual PC's connection with the corporate network.
    Safe VPN Access with IPsec
    Both products implement the IPsec protocol  to protect the
tunneled data against unauthorized access, using encryption methods
with up to 256-bit keys. IPsec also provides authentication of the
remote site using the addresses of the communicating PCs. In case the
Internet provider does not offer fixed IP addresses, one end of the
tunnel may change its address on each dial-up. The open standards
used, such as IKE (the Internet Key Exchange Protocol) and IPsec,
ensure interoperability with other manufacturers' products. The
remote access software NetWAYS/ISDN manages both Internet dial-up and
data encryption. The advantage: the Internet connection underlying
the VPN link can be automatically dialed up and cleared down as
needed. This "Short-Hold Mode" can drastically reduce connection
costs. Spoofing mechanisms, which simulate the transmission of
network status information over the remote link, likewise spare the
connection and save costs. Furthermore, data compression techniques
are used for faster Internet links. In addition to compression
techniques at the PPP level, such as "Fast Internet over ISDN", the
AVM Access Server now supports IPComp. This method applies
compression at the IP level, and thus works regardless of support by
the Internet provider. IPComp accelerates data communication by up to
200 percent.
    Access Server Available in Summer
    The AVM Access Server is expected to be available in early summer.
The product requires a Windows XP, 2000 or NT operating system. The
NetWAYS/ISDN remote access software for the stand-alone PC is
available for the operating systems Windows XP, 2000, NT, Me, 98 and
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