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'A Blueprint for Europe's Just Transition' at the International Press Centre in Brussels.

'A Blueprint for Europe's Just Transition' at the International Press Centre in Brussels.
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On Tuesday, 3 December, the Green New Deal for Europe invites you to a Press Conference with MEPs from Greens/EFA, S&D, GUE/NGL to present their landmark policy report 'A Blueprint for Europe's Just Transition' at the International Press Centre in Brussels.

Brussels, 28th November 2019

This Sunday, the European Commission will start its new term with a promise from President Ursula von der Leyen to deliver a "green deal" within the first 100 days.

But von der Leyen's "green deal" bears no resemblance to the Green New Deals pioneered by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the USA, the Labour Party in the UK, and the Democracy in Europe Movement (DiEM25) across the continent.

That is why the Green New Deal for Europe is launching its landmark report, the Blueprint for Europe's Just Transition, a comprehensive policy vision for the EU to decarbonize by 2030 while delivering environmental justice in Europe and around the world.

Where: International Press Centre - Ensor Room

When: 3.12.2019 / 3 - 4:30 pm


- David Adler (Policy Director, DiEM25)   
- Pawel Wagran (Green New Deal for Europe Campaign Coordinator)   
- Alexandra Phillips (MEP - Greens/EFA)   
- Aurore Laluqc (MEP - S&D)   
- Manon Aubry (MEP - GUE/NGL)   

Co-authored by a coalition of think tanks, environmental activists, and climate scientists, the Blueprint offers both a detailed set of policy solutions and - in its new chapter on 'Pathways to the Green New Deal for Europe' - a map of how citizens can actually mobilize to achieve them. A preview of the report, embargoed until December 3, can be found here (site under construction until launch date).

The report is coupled with an open letter to President von der Leyen from scores of leading economists, scientists, and climate activists denouncing the inadequacies of her so-called "green deal." Signatories include Bill McKibben, Jason Hickel, Yanis Varoufakis, Ann Pettifor, Tim Jackson, and James K. Galbraith, among many others.

In early September, the Green New Deal for Europe campaign released the first edition of the Blueprint for public consultation. Since then, the campaign has received hundreds of proposals, amendments, and additions to make the Blueprint more robust, more representative, and more immediately actionable.

The new edition includes:

i. A pragmatic pathway to net-zero carbon emissions in the EU by 2030.

ii. An 85-point policy checklist for EU legislators to deliver a comprehensive just transition.

iii. A plan to democratise the Green New Deal through People's Assemblies at municipal, regional, national, and European levels.

iv. A new foreword by Ann Pettifor, author of The Case for a Green New Deal (2019).

As Ann Pettifor writes:

"This report is a blueprint for bringing about an urgent, system-wide reorganisation within a short time period. For society to regain public authority over the international monetary system, to subordinate it to the interests of society and the ecosystem. The Green New Deal for Europe is a giant step in achieving that system change."

Pawel Wargan, campaign co-coordinator for the Green New Deal for Europe, said: "Decarbonization is not a matter of tweaks and technical fixes. It must transform Europe's economy, and empower all of its residents in the process. The strategies set out in this Blueprint provide a pathway out of the three overlapping crises facing our continent: inequality, environmental breakdown, and the erosion of democracy."

David Adler, policy director of the Democracy in Europe Movement, said:

"This is an absolutely critical moment for Europe's climate movement. We cannot allow the European Commission to co-opt the Green New Deal in the name of mild reforms that simply greenwash the status quo. Listen to the student strikers: we need systems change. Working with leading scientists, economists, and environmental activists, our campaign has offered a clear, practical, and modest Blueprint for Europe's just transition. It's time for the EU to deliver it."

The campaign will inaugurate the report with a press conference at the Ensor Room of the International Press Centre in Brussels (3-4:30 pm), featuring MEPs Alexandra Phillips (Greens/EFA), Aurore Laluqc (S&D), and Manon Aubry (GUE/NGL).

For press inquiries and individual interview request, please contact:

David Adler at

Pawel Wargan at

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