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17.05.2019 – 12:44


Media service EUrVOTE posts widgets for the European election

Media service EUrVOTE posts widgets for the European election
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Brussels (ots)

Which parties in the European Parliament are favoured by voters across the continent? Which candidates must reckon with losing their support? And how will the seats in the chamber be distributed among the individual member states? Ahead of the European Parliament election from May 23 to 26, the media service EUrVOTE (http://EUrVOTE.eu) is providing a series of interactive widgets for use by online editorial teams free of charge.

In the run-up to the election the tools will feature the latest opinion surveys from the EU member states, a survey of the European parties' top candidates, as well as an overview of the most important political issues in the time immediately following the election. Starting with the first voting projections, the widgets will visualize in real-time the results from all member states as well as the distribution of seats in the next EU Parliament.

As with the previous information packages published by the media service EUrVOTE, editorial teams may use these widgets free of charge for their online reporting and, using adaptable embed codes, post them on their own websites. All the widgets are responsive and therefore customisable.

An overview of all available widgets can be found here: http://dpaq.de/hgVkc

About the EUrVOTE media service:

Under http://EUrVOTE.eu, topical information packages focusing on the 2019 European elections are provided free of charge for use by the media. Apart from the interactive widgets a total of eight theme packages are available covering, among other topics, EU trade and economic policy, the digital transformation, and EU environmental policy. The packages are comprised of texts, pictures and interactive graphics. The project is sponsored by the European Parliament.

For press and media queries:

EUrVOTE editorial team
Tel: 0049-40-4113-32170

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