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Koehler Renewable Energy receives approval for Höhlerberg wind farm project with two wind turbines

Koehler Renewable Energy receives approval for Höhlerberg wind farm project with two wind turbines
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  • Joint project between Koehler Renewable Energy and Qair Deutschland
  • Preparation work for construction to start in the fall of 2023
  • Planned power output will cover the needs of around 7,000 homes

After nearly five years of planning, the preparation work for building the Höhlerberg wind farm in Middle Hesse with two wind turbines is scheduled to start this year. The wind farm is a joint project between Koehler Renewable Energy and Qair Deutschland, and the original permit application was submitted back in 2018 to the regional board in Gießen. The planned wind turbines will be erected in the administrative area of the town of Lich and the Fernwald municipality. Two Nordex N163 wind turbines were approved in March 2023, and should deliver approximately 28,000 MWh a year, which corresponds to the annual power consumption of around 7,000 homes.

Sustainability: A key element of the company’s strategy

As far as the team at Koehler Renewable Energy is concerned, building these wind turbines is another step on the way to achieving the Koehler Group’s sustainability goals. Nicolas Christoph, the head of the Wind Power, Solar, Hydro & Business Development Division at Koehler Renewable Energy, explains: “We’re really happy that we were able to get another approval under our belts with the Höhlerberg project. This wind farm is another important milestone in our implementation of the Koehler Group’s sustainability strategy, and should bring us one step closer to the Koehler 2030 Promise.” The company’s goal is to generate more energy from renewable sources using its own plants than it requires for the production of its paper by 2030. In order to achieve this, the Koehler Group has prepared a roadmap with concrete actions, including not only energy efficiency measures, but also, and above all, expanding its own renewable energy facilities.

Preparation work for construction scheduled to start in the fall of 2023

Initial preparation work for construction should start in the fall of 2023, with the first step being clearing the sites for the wind turbines in a forest area on the Höhlerberg hill. The clearing work will include permanent clearing areas that will remain that way throughout the turbines’ service life, as well as temporary clearing areas that will be reforested once the turbines have been erected. To compensate for this unavoidable impact on nature, the company is taking project-specific reforestation and other environmental compensation measures, which have been clearly defined since the construction permit was obtained.

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