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19.01.2000 – 10:36

Flughafen Wien AG

ots Ad hoc-Service: Flughafen Wien AG Traffic 199

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    Vienna (ots Ad hoc-Service) -      Vienna International Airport
Traffic Development on Target: 5.3% increase in passenger numbers
during 1999

    Herbert Kaufmann, member of the Managing Board and Speaker of the publicly traded Flughafen Wien AG, presented the airport's traffic figures for the calendar year 1999 to a press conference held in Vienna on January 19, 2000. Traffic at Vienna International Airport for the calendar year 1999 grew in line with our forecasts. The number of passengers rose by 5.3%, take-offs and landings (flight movements) increased by 3.9% and maximum take-off weight registered an increase of 7.1%. Cargo (including trucking) exceeded expectations with a 7.4% increase.

    11.2 million passengers handled by the airport

    A total of 11.2 million passengers were handled by the airport during the year. This figure includes 1.5 million transfer passengers, representing an increase of 10.2%. The total number of passengers increased by a smaller amount than in 1998 due to the war in Kosovo and a decline in charter flights (-0.7%), due to the reduction in travel to Turkey.

    Strong increase in Long-haul Flights

    Long-haul flights recorded significantly higher rates of growth : Far East (+14.1%), Middle East (+10.4%), North America (+11.4%) and Africa (+15.0%). New York (+10.2%) led long-haul destinations in North America, followed by Atlanta (-2.5%). In the Far East Bangkok (+6.3%) remained in first place, followed by Kuala Lumpur (+10.9%). Above-average growth was recorded in flights to Johannesburg (+23.5%), Delhi (+50.8%) and Shanghai (+41.5%).

    London leads Western Europe traffic. A total of 3.4 million passengers flew from Vienna International Airport to Western Europe during 1999, representing an increase of 5.7%. European destinations by ranking were London (-0.3%), followed by Frankfurt (+ 7.7%) and Paris (+0.9%).

    Eastern Europe growth weaker

    The growth in flights to Eastern Europe slowed to +1.4%. The most frequented destinations from Vienna remained Warsaw (-0.3%), followed by Budapest (+16.2%) and Prague (+1.4%).

    Charter flights suffered from crisis in Turkey

    Charter traffic (-2.4% of departing passengers) was adversely affected by the crisis in Turkey (-45.1%). There was an increase in traffic to Egypt (+161.3%), Tunis (+52.8%) and Greece (+3.1%), but Spain suffered a decline (-2.7%). The most important charter destination from Vienna was Heraklion with an increase of 13.1%, followed by Monastir (+36.1%) and Antalya (-45.3%).

    11 new destinations from Vienna

    During the period 11 new destinations were added including the following: Birmingham, Edinburgh, Luxor, Pristina, Tripoli and Montreal.

    Strong contribution from Austrian Airlines Aviation Group

    Four million of our 11.2 million passengers flew with Austrian Airlines (+3.8%), 1.4 million with Lauda Air (+17.0%) and over one million (+17.9%) with Tyrolean Airways. The Austrian Airlines Aviation Group held a share of 57.1% in 1999 (1998: 55.4%). Lufthansa carried 7.9% of total passengers.

    Flight Movements up 3.9%

    At 171,682 the number of flight movements rose more slowly than the number of passengers, but still registered an increase of 3.9%. Scheduled traffic increased by 4.6%, but charter flights declined by 3.4% for the above-mentioned reasons.

    Maximum Take-off Weight up 7.1%

    This key indicator for Flughafen Wien Group registered a strong increase of 7.1%, resulting from the use of larger aircraft.

    Strong increase in Cargo

    The growth in total cargo volume (air cargo and trucking) was stronger than expected, with an increase of 7.4%.

    Outlook for 2000

    For 2000, Vienna International Airport expects the number of passengers to increase by over 6%. Flight movements and maximum take-off weight are forecast to rise by approximately 5% and cargo by 2%. As indicated by Herbert Kaufmann Vienna International Airport views the entry of the Austrian Airlines Aviation Group into the Star Alliance as a positive step for the development of traffic in the Year 2000 and beyond.

    For additional information contact: Dagmar Lang (+43-1-)7007-22103 ext. Hans Mayer (+43-1-)7007-22223 ext.

    End of message ----------------------------------------------------- Internet: http://www.newsaktuell.de

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