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      Karlsruhe (ots Ad hoc-Service) -      

    WEB.DE AG (Karlsruhe), Germany, operator of the Internet portal WEB.DE, takes over 100% of websolute new media AG, Karlsruhe.

    websolute new media AG focussed up until now on the development of high-quality eCommerce- and web-based communication solutions for high-traffic B2C-portals as well as customers in the B2B-area. Amongst others for Siemens, BASF, Sport1, Gesundheitsscout24, the "Deutsche Sportfernsehen" and the Ministry of Economics in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany.

    The 45 people of the creative-, technology- and the management team of websolute will be fully integrated into the WEB.DE team as soon as early July within its Karlsruhe location. With websolute team, the total number of employees of WEB.DE AG now adds up to 217 people, whereby 125 are in the R&D and Services Department: This represents more than a six-fold ressources growth over the past 6 months.

    As a differentiation to most European Internet companies, WEB.DE AG invest heavily in internal development capacity in order to strengthen its position as an international leader for portal technologies.

    The websolute team integration, a major expansion of the product and development team of WEB.DE AG, will increase its technology lead and allows to generate more innovative services, communication and eCommerce solutions, within the WEB.DE portal. The eCommerce and Online Advertising areas and the Commercialisation of the market reach will consequently become more attractive and therefore will consistently reinforce the revenues, profit and market reach potential of WEB.DE AG.


    WEB.DE AG, Investor Relations, Richard Berg, tel. +49 (0) 721-94329 0, fax. +49 (0)721-94329 22, E-Mail rb@web.de, http://webde-ag.de

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