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    Muelheim/Ruhr (ots Ad hoc-Service) - EASY Software AG, listed in the German Neuer Markt stock market segment since April of last year, has presented its final figures for the 1999 business year. They confirm the preliminary results, published in early January, according to which the target figures that had been revised upwards in September were again surpassed.

    According to these figures, the EASY group sales increased to DM 50.32 million, exceeding last year's result by 67.8 percent. The sales revenue for the joint-stock company grew to DM 43.6 million (DM 30 million in 1998).

    The software licensing business constituted the mainstay of the sales; with a 70.8 % increase compared to the previous year, it now amounts to 66 % of the total sales figures (56 % in 1998).

    Through the strong gains in the profitable software licensing and service business, the gross profit of the group increased by 67.9 percent to DM 44.6 million.

    The DVFA/SG result improved by 72 percent; the net earnings per share increased to DM 0.92, or Euro 0.47 (DM 0.53, or Euro 0.27, in 1998). The disposable profit will be carried forward to a new account.

    In the course of the 1999 business year, the internationally renowned supplier of document management systems (DMS) was able to increase the number of its customers by more than 40 percent. By the end of 1999, EASY Software products were installed in more than 4,500 companies with primarily medium-sized or large PC networks. EASY installations in connection with the standard business software SAP R/3 showed an especially satisfying development. In this sector, the number of users doubled during the past year.

    In 1999, besides EASY Software AG, the consolidation scope of the EASY corporation included the companies ScanOptic and SOLSYS that were acquired during the year under report.

    One big step towards expanding international activities was the foundation of a British subsidiary with headquarters in London and a first branch office in Manchester at the beginning of the year 2000. Apart from the US subsidiary in Philadelphia that was founded in 1999 and the local office in France, EASY is thus also directly represented in Europe's second largest IT market.

    To consolidate EASY's domestic and international market positions, more acquisitions and participations are planned for this year in both Europe and the USA.

    The company's board of directors will provide detailed information concerning the increase of the planned figures as well as their product and international market strategies in the areas of knowledge management, e-business, Internet and mobile document management on April 4th in the course of news and analyst conferences in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

    The Board of Directors

    EASY SOFTWARE Group, Muelheim / Ruhr Company data at a glance (in DM k)

                                      12/31/99 % of sales 12/31/98    Change
                                                                         revenue    in%

Sales revenue                  50,323  00.0      29,989              67.8

Total output (IAS)          54,892  09.1      33,296              64.9

Gross profit                    44,621  88.7    26,570                67.9

Earnings from
ordinary operations
(IAS-EBET)                          8,318    16.5        6,044          37.6

Net income for the
year (IAS) DVFA/SG              4,725      9.4        2,740          72.4

Earnings per share
(IAS) DVFA/SG in DM              0.92        -          0.53          72.4
                          Euro         (0.47)    -         (0.27)

Personnel expenses            18,402    36.6      10,862          69.4

Number of employees
at the end of the year         215      -          118                82.2

    Number of employees at the end of the year 215 - 118 82.2

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