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    TELES Group presents new company structure

    Berlin April 14th, 2000 The Teles Group has a new company structure. The consolidation of its 28 subsidiaries into four functional business areas creates clear and transparent leadership structures. The management of the Teles AG has decided, effective immediately, on the independent leadership of each of the four business segments as autonomous stock corporations (AGs). The new structure will optimize the growth of income for the TELES Group and push its further rapid growth. After revenues of 307 Million DM for 1999, revenues for the current year should increase to 510 million DM - this means an annual revenue increase for the Teles Group of over 60% for the 11th time in a row.

    The Teles AG will take over the duties of a Group Holding and will concentrate on the strategic leadership of the four functional business areas. This will further enable an even stronger utilization of the already existing synergetic potentials between the functional business areas.

    The functional business area "Teles Communication Systems AG" encompasses the development and sales of innovative telecommunications systems, i.e. integrated switching systems for telephone and data networks. It encompasses the original core business of Teles - whereas the following three new business areas represent a considerable expansion of the Teles' business activities.

    The functional business area "Teles eTrack AG" offers eCommerce services for the complete spectrum of small and mid-sized businesses. This area includes the Strato AG, the European market leader in domain hosting, with its "beginner's entry" offers into the eCommerce business. The cyPOS AG offers more highly developed but still standardized eCommerce infrastructure services. The Cronon AG provides individualized eCommerce infrastructure services for mid-sized to large-sized companies, up to custom-made full service for a total Internet presence. These eCommerce offers are supported by the Teles EuroService Ltd. (Shannon) with skyDSL, a broadband Internet access service, which is up to 120 times faster than the normal ISDN access. This concludes the reorganization for this area which we had already announced at the CeBit 2000 (please see

    A separate press release will follow in the next few weeks concerning the business area "Teles Internet Academy AG."

    The functional business area "GRAVIS Holding AG" is the market leader in the German Apple market and is pushing its Europe-wide expansion this year. GRAVIS thereby opens up the attractive Apple market for the other business segments of the TELES Group.

    With this company structure, the Teles Group uses the three most important telecommunications growth potentials - systems, services, and education - and supports this utilization by means of the sales activities of the GRAVIS AG in an ideal fashion.

    Prof. Dr.-lng. Sigram Schindler CEO,     TELES AG

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