EANS-Voting Rights: FACC AG
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  responsible for the content of this announcement.
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Person/company obliged to make the notification:

Name:    FACC International Company Limited
Place:   Hong Kong
State:   China

Notice according to §93(2) Austrian Stock Exchange Act

Pursuant to § 93 (2) Austrian Stock Exchange Act ("SEA"), FACC AG hereby gives
notice that it has received the following notification from its shareholder
FACC International Company Limited ("FACC Int") regarding its shareholding in
FACC AG (the "Issuer") as of 25 June 2014:

1. FACC Int holds 23,352,900 voting rights in the Issuer, which are 51% of the
total voting rights, accordingly the holding is in excess of the threshold of
50%, but not more than 75%, each as set forth in § 91 para 1 of the SEA.

2. In connection with an option (the "Greenshoe Option") granted by FACC Int to
J.P. Morgan Securities plc., 25 Bank Street, Canary Wharf, London E14 5JP,
United Kingdom ("JPM"), JPM is, depending on the exercise of such option, ie if
it is not exercised, obliged to redeliver up to 2,039,736 shares, representing
4.45% of the voting shares of the Issuer, which shares have been loaned to JPM
by FACC Int for over-allotments in connection with the Offering, which have
been allotted to investors upon pricing in connection with the Offering, to
FACC Int, which equals the shares and voting rights of the Issuer granted under
the Greenshoe Option, ("Redelivery Obligation").

3. Pursuant to the Redelivery Obligation, JPM is obliged to redeliver to FACC
Int. shares maximum in excess of the threshold of 4.0%, but not more than 5.0%,
each as set forth in § 91 para 1 of the SEA.

4. JPM may, in accordance with the Greenshoe Option, exercise such option until
not later than 30 days after the first day of trading in the shares of the
Issuer on the Vienna Stock Exchange and is obliged to redeliver remaining
shares under the Redelivery Obligation, which were not exercised under such
option, no later than two business days following the end of such 30 calendar
days period.

5. In total, ie the holding (point 1) and the Greenshoe Option (point 2)
amounts to 25,392,636 voting rights in the Issuer, which are 55.45% of the
total voting rights and accordingly is in excess of the threshold of 50%, but
not more than 75%, each as set forth in section § 91 para 1 of the SEA.

Further inquiry note:

end of announcement                               euro adhoc 

issuer:      FACC AG
             Fischerstraße 9
             A-4910 Ried im Innkreis
phone:       +43/59/616-0
FAX:         +43/59/616-81000
mail:     office@facc.com
WWW:      www.facc.com
sector:      Industrial Components
ISIN:        AT00000FACC2, AT0000A10J83, AT0000A10J83
language:   English

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