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Worth more than its price: Wristwatches as a business model

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Worth more than its price: Wristwatches as a business model
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Eight cents a day

Can you wear a business model? Not just for high earners: Mechanical wristwatches by NOMOS Glashütte don’t cost an arm and a leg. And their value can quickly exceed their price tag.

GLASHÜTTE, MARCH 2022. For many, collecting and speculating with watches begins in the expensive luxury class. But more affordable options can be profitable, too. The traditional watchmaker NOMOS Glashütte, based in the famous German watchmaking town of Glashütte, make watches which don’t require taking out a second mortgage. Produced locally and under fair conditions, these timepieces are of the finest quality. They can be worn for decades, eventually being passed on to future generations. The pandemic has had little impact on the value of these watches. In fact, the value of most models has increased substantially. This should be self-evident: Beauty, artistry, quality, and tradition are timeless and enduring. You can wear watches, and collecting them requires very little space—this doesn’t take much work. And someday, they can be bequeathed, or better still, auctioned or sold at a profit.

Particularly attractive are Limited Editions—series which NOMOS Glashütte produce in small quantities. It is not unusual for their value to increase between twenty to thirty percent, sometimes even more, before the year is out. But owners of serial models benefit, too. Entry-level NOMOS watches start at around 1,000 euros, making them affordable, handmade watches and a good investment for the entry-level luxury market. Tangente ist the German manufacturer’s most famous timepiece, and the price of the icon has tripled since 1993. That’s not a massive increase, but not bad either, considering that the owner who bought the watch back then would get 8 cent per day, about 32 euros per year, just for wearing Tangente. A very enjoyable daily asset increase.

Is your audience interested in classic watches, sound investments, and charming business models? Get in touch if you’d like more information and images, or if you’d like to visit us or schedule an interview. We would love to hear from you.

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Weitere Storys: NOMOS Glashütte/SA Roland Schwertner KG
Weitere Storys: NOMOS Glashütte/SA Roland Schwertner KG