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Positive trend for Audi suggestions scheme
New record total of suggestions saves DM 34 million

    Ingolstadt (ots) - Audi employees are inventive: the number of
suggestions submitted in the course of 2000 reached a record figure
of 57,225 (1999: 53,795). 18,008 employees participated in the Audi
suggestions scheme last year (1999: 17,459) and almost 47 percent of
the ideas selected were put into practice. The company was thus able
to make savings totalling around DM 33.8 million. The bonus payments
made to employees in recognition of their inventiveness amounted to
more than eight million marks.
    "Ideas for a battery of minor measures help to improve our
processes and products just as much as a single brilliant stroke of
genius", remarks Thomas Neuhaus, Head of the Audi Ideas Scheme. The
following is a typical example: the special socket wrenches used at
the assembly lines in Ingolstadt to tighten the wheel rims had to be
replaced after a time because the plastic sleeve that protects the
rims against scratching tended to wear. The manufacturer could only
supply complete socket wrenches. One worker suggested replacing the
damaged sleeves with similar plastic parts from a different
manufacturer. This measure saves Audi over DM 4,400 a year.
    "We are convinced that the creativity of our employees contributes
significantly towards bringing about a steady improvement in our
working processes and products, which in addition safeguards jobs at
Audi", comments Georg Hertrich, Works Council Spokesman for the
assessment panel.
    Audi is an international developer and manufacturer of
high-quality cars.
    The company maintains production sites in Germany, Hungary,
Brazil, China and South Africa. The company sold 650,000 cars in
2000, more than ever before. Sales totalled DM 39 billion (including
Autogerma in Italy). The Audi Group currently has around 50,000
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