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25.10.2000 – 09:45

Audi AG

Audi paint shop in Neckarsulm comprehensively modernised
Phase three completed
Total investment in excess of DM 600 million

    Neckarsulm (ots)

    - Cross-reference: photo was sent via satellite and is available
    The third phase of Audi's paint shop at Neckarsulm, representing
an investment volume of around DM 130 million, is in operation from
now on. The Neckarsulm plant now has completely modernized, extended
painting facilities. With the total investment for all three phases
in excess of DM 600 million, the new paint shop is the largest
investment in the history of the plant. "The completion of the third
phase brings the project to its conclusion, after around ten years'
planning and construction. We are now ideally equipped for the
future," remarked Plant Manager Otto Lindner.
    Along with the growing model range and the increasing proportion
of aluminium-bodied vehicles, the demands on the paint shop have
continued to rise. The third phase allows the introduction of
segmentation. This means that there are separate operations for each
model line. The result is greater flexibility in the filler, top coat
and patterns line. The building extension enhances the efficiency
with which the paint shop can operate. "With 950 workers, we can
paint more than 1,000 vehicle bodies a day on a three-shift basis,
using ultra-modern methods," commented Jürgen Krämer, Head of the
Paint Shop. "All workplaces throughout the new paint shop have been
designed according to the latest safety and ergonomic principles,"
emphasized Works Council Chairman Norbert Rank.
    "The new facilities mean that we are well-equipped to take up the
challenge of future technologies. That means new products and methods
on the one hand, and practical environmental protection on the
other," declared Project Manager Richard Vogel. The third phase
comprises two extensions to the north and east of the existing paint
shop, and a connecting bridge. With a total floor space of 7,000 m_,
the new halls offer ample space spread between four main levels. The
Böblingen company Eisenmann KG acted as general contractor for the
building's construction and installations, including equipment and
in-house systems, and for the logistics connections.
    Audi is an international developer and manufacturer of
high-quality cars. The company maintains production sites in Germany,
Hungary, Brazil, China and South Africa. In 1999, Audi produced
around 626,000 cars and more than 1.2 million engines, bringing in
sales revenues in excess of DM 29 billion. The Audi Group has around
49,500 employees, around 14,000 of whom work at the Neckarsulm plant.
Almost 178,000 cars were built at Neckarsulm in 1999.
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Joachim Cordshagen, Communication: Corporate and Finance
Tel.: +49 841 89 36340, Fax: +49 841 36370, e-mail:
Susanne Jauch, Public Relations, Neckarsulm Plant
Tel.: +49 7132 311310, e-mail: susanne.jauch@audi.de

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