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06.04.2000 – 10:00

Audi AG

AUDI AG: New toolmaking shop opened
DM 120 million invested at the Ingolstadt plant
State-of-the-art technologies ensure competitiveness

    Ingolstadt (ots)

The new Audi toolmaking shop in Ingolstadt,
which took around two years to complete, was officially inaugurated
today in the presence of Hermann Regensburger, Bavarian State
Secretary of the Interior, representatives of the city of Ingolstadt
and companies involved in construction. Audi invested around DM 120
million in this project.
    "This new building, with its state-of-the-art technologies and
logistics concepts, will keep the Audi Toolmaking Division
competitive. It will therefore make a valuable contribution to the
quality of our vehicles and do much to ensure the success of the Audi
brand," commented Jürgen Gebhardt, Member of the Board of AUDI AG for
Production. Around 750 staff are employed in toolmaking at the
Ingolstadt plant.
    The new building covers an area of around 27,000 square metres
(110 x 260 metres). Equipment highlights include 17 running-in
presses with a pressing force of up to 2,100 tons, eight large
machining tools, including four new systems interlinked by a pallet
system, and a "try-out area" for assembling complete body
manufacturing lines up to 75 metres long.
    The first construction phase for the new toolmaking shop, which
was completed in summer 1999, saw the production of the tools for the
Audi A2, the first volume-production aluminium model. "The forming
process for the one-piece aluminium side-panel frame was developed by
our employees, and a patent application for it has now been filed,"
remarked Michael Kaltenecker, Head of the Toolmaking Division at AUDI
    Wolfgang Förster, Deputy Chairman of the Works Council of AUDI AG:
"The design and layout of the new toolmaking shop offer our employees
better working conditions. The perceived sound level, for example,
has been reduced by half. Lifting platforms can be used to set
individual working heights and cooling ceilings in offices make sure
that temperatures remain at a pleasant level in the hot months of
    Besides Audi, the Audi toolmaking shop is to supply pressing
tools, body manufacturing lines and assembly appliances for the
production of body panels and assemblies to other car manufacturers
in the Audi Group as well as to external companies. Last May the Audi
toolmaking shop became the first of its kind in the world to receive
certification according to Guideline 6.4 of the Verband der deutschen
Automobilindustrie (Association of the German Automotive Industry)
from TÜV Süddeutschland (South German Technical Inspection
Association). A total of around 1,100 staff are employed in
toolmaking at the Ingolstadt (750) and Neckarsulm (350) plants.
    Audi is an international developer and manufacturer of
high-quality cars. The company maintains production sites in Germany,
Hungary, Brazil, China and South Africa. In 1999 Audi sold around
635,000 cars and produced more than 1.2 million engines, bringing in
sales revenues in excess of DM 29,6 million. The Audi Group has
around 47,000 employees.
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