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PRESS RELEASE: MAHLE plants in Germany CO2 neutral

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PRESS RELEASE: MAHLE plants in Germany CO2 neutral
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MAHLE plants in Germany CO2 neutral

  • Major milestone of the company-wide CO2 strategy achieved
  • MAHLE set to reach global carbon-neutral production by 2040
  • MAHLE CEO Matthias Arleth: “As a foundation-owned company, we have a special responsibility toward mankind and the environment.”

In 2021, MAHLE reached a major milestone on its path toward groupwide carbon neutrality: as of last year, all German MAHLE production locations are CO2 neutral. The technology group is clearly committed to the Paris Climate Agreement and aims to significantly reduce its carbon footprint. To this end, MAHLE has adopted binding reduction targets throughout the company and will reach CO2 neutral production by 2040. Moreover, the use of self-generated power from renewable sources will increase annually.

"As a foundation-owned company, we have a special responsibility toward mankind and the environment. We see the Paris climate agreement as a binding mandate to minimize emissions caused by mobility. Our technologies are already helping to make individual mobility more efficient, more sustainable, and thus more environmentally friendly," says Matthias Arleth, Chairman of the Management Board and CEO of the MAHLE Group.

Today, the Group is increasingly focusing its attention on internal company structures and processes. "In both the production and administrative areas, we aim to leverage further potential in environmental protection and overall sustainable corporate governance," says Arleth.

One example is the action area of energy efficiency where, for instance, MAHLE is increasingly using self-generated electricity and will in future be able to partially meet its energy needs with eco-friendly solar power from the company's own photovoltaic systems. This year, the Group will be launching corresponding projects in all regions of the world in which it operates. The use of renewable energies is nothing new to MAHLE whose Austrian plants, for example, have all been powered for many years now by electricity generated exclusively from renewable energy resources. Last year, the plant in St. Michael ob Bleiburg received an award from the Austrian Ministry of Environment for its portfolio of climate and environmental protection measures.

"For us, sustainability means building a future in which the well-being of our employees, as well as environmental and climate protection, go hand in hand with positive business growth. We have set ourselves some ambitious goals here, which we are driving forward," says Kathrin Apel, Global Head of Sustainability, Occupation Health, Safety & Environment at MAHLE.

The latest sustainability report can be downloaded from MAHLE’s website at It highlights the Group's key fields of activity regarding environmental, social, and corporate governance.


MAHLE is a leading international development partner and supplier to the automotive industry. The technology group is now broadly positioned in the areas of powertrain technology and thermal management with a clear focus on future topics relating to mobility. As part of its dual strategy, MAHLE is working both on the intelligent combustion engine for the use of hydrogen and other nonfossil fuels and on technologies that will help the fuel cell and e-mobility achieve broad acceptance in the markets. The product portfolio of the company, which was founded in 1920, addresses all the crucial aspects of the powertrain and air conditioning technology. Half of all vehicles in the world now contain MAHLE components. #weshapefuturemobility

In 2020, MAHLE generated sales of approximately EUR 9.8 billion and is represented in over 30 countries with more than 72,000 employees in 160 production locations and 12 major research and development centers. (Last revised: 2020-12-31)

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Corporate and Business Press Spokesperson
Phone: +49 711 501-12369
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Corporate and Business Press Spokesperson
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