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BLOGPOST Recycling is the key: content recycling tips

BLOGPOST Recycling is the key: content recycling tips
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Content is King – is what everyone is talking about. This is why new content is being produced like crazy. From the self-employed to global players: yet many feel it puts them under a lot of pressure. But there’s a good outlet to take the pressure off and it’s called content recycling. Copywriter and content specialist Simone Maader explains what is important as she gives valuable tips. By Simone Maader

When it comes to content recycling (also called content repurposing), one thing is important to know in advance: It’s not about producing the same content over and over again. The focus is instead on reprocessing existing content. The aim is to efficiently convert content into other formats, opening up channels that have previously been seldom or never used and reaching new target groups with comparatively little effort. After all, a lot of time and knowledge have already been invested in the blog article, presentation or white paper. It would be a shame for all that worthwhile content to waste away in some archive.

Any type of content can be recycled, in principle. I believe that it’s critical to pay attention to performance before you start selecting, at least if you want to see success fast. What are the social media posts, blog articles, podcast episodes and videos that are most popular? For instance, which ones have generated lots of likes, comments, downloads or other measurable reactions? Which of these presentations were well received? Which white paper was downloaded or requested often? Look at the relevant metrics, which provide very good starting points for recycling your content.

Everybody is different

It pays to concentrate on mainstay content, because here you can be relatively sure of the same content pulling in a different format. In any case, you’re looking to achieve above-average results with comparatively little effort. Timeless content works especially well for repurposing and recycling. Don’t just start from your own preferences but make it clear to yourself: Everybody is different.

Some people love reading the text while others are passionate about infographics and sketchnotes, there are a good number that prefer audio content and still others love video content. Covering a topic with a variety of formats not only opens you up to new target groups, it also gives the topic greater weight in search engines and strengthens the perception of your company in the daily flood of content.

Putting content into action

There are countless ways to recycle content. A presentation or detailed guide may be turned into several short, snappy posts for social media channels. For example, you can opt for just text, or text with a link, graphics, video or audio. Make something big into something small. Taking the opposite approach, you could subsequently write a blog article from a series on a topic doing the rounds on social media. Or take several of your blog articles and use them as templates to create an e-book.

Perhaps there are some new figures or a recent study that ought to be published. You can update your corresponding blog article to enhance it and, as an example, post the fresh figures in parallel on your social media channels, referring to the updated text. Or take a podcast episode and create a presentation you can, for instance, share on social media. Imagination knows no limits.

This lets you fully exploit the potential you can get from your posts on different channels without constantly reinventing the wheel. Content recycling tells your followers and readers that you are on top of your game, reliably providing them with valuable content. How many of your competitors can say the same thing about themselves?

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