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Reaching new heights with the new Power X-Change telescopic hedge trimmers from Einhell

Reaching new heights with the new Power X-Change telescopic hedge trimmers from Einhell
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For safe working when trimming hedges and trees, Einhell Germany AG is offering two new practical cordless garden helpers from April 2021. The new battery-powered telescopic hedge trimmers can be comfortably operated from the ground to make light work of what is normally an arduous job. The GC-HH 18/45 Li T Cordless Telescopic Hedge Trimmer can be used for pruning of high hedges or shrubs, while tree pruning can be done effectively with the GC-LC 18/20 Li T Cordless Pole-Mounted Powered Pruner. Both models are members of the Power X-Change platform.

Regular pruning even for high hedges

Landau an der Isar, March 29, 2021 – To keep bushes and shrubs in good shape and help them to grow healthily, hedge care should normally be on the agenda once or twice a year, usually in the spring or autumn. With the new 18 V Power X-Change GC-HH 18/45 Li T Cordless Telescopic Hedge Trimmer, these pruning tasks on high hedges can be easily performed from ground level, which makes the work a great deal easier for hobby gardeners who are not keen on standing on a ladder. Another advantage is that there is no annoying cable to get in the way, and the user can work independently of a power supply.

The cordless telescopic hedge trimmer operates at 1,400 cuts per minute and reliably cuts through smaller and thicker branches with a maximum cutting length of 410 mm. The laser-cut and diamond-ground steel cutters help produce a clean cut to avoid fungal or mold infestation. With a tooth spacing of 18 mm, the cutter rail has an overall length of 450 mm.

Thanks to the extension pole of the telescopic hedge trimmers, even higher hedges can be reached. To enable longer working, the tool is supplied with a practical carrying strap, and to ensure that the device can be used in the best possible way, the main handle is rotatable and the motor head can be tilted to 7 positions. On top of this, the robust metal gearing ensures a long service life.

A practical helper for pruning treetops

The new Power X-Change GC-LC 18/20 Li T Cordless Pole-Mounted Powered Pruner is the perfect choice for sawing and thinning work in trees, as it can be safely operated from ground level. The 18 V Power X-Change rechargeable battery pack provides the unit with a powerful source of energy and reaches cutting speeds of 5.5 meters per second. The high-quality 200 mm long rail from OREGON and the quality chain are automatically lubricated via the oil reservoir. In addition, the pole pruner also has a durable metal gearing, a claw stop made of metal, and a chain catch bolt for the highest possible levels of safety. The robust telescopic tube can be individually extended from 228 – 288 cm. Rubberized grip areas make for easy handling, and the unit can be safely and reliably guided even for long periods of time with the carrying strap. Thanks to the 30 degree inclination of the motor head, all cutting work can be carried out optimally to achieve first class results.

Both units are part of the innovative Power X-Change cordless platform from Einhell. What makes these tools so special is that all batteries in the platform can be used multifunctionally and can be freely interchanged between the now more than 200 cordless tools for the home and garden. This not only saves money, but is very convenient and protects the environment.

For more information about the GC-HH 18/45 Li T Cordless Telescopic Hedge Trimmer please visit:

RRP in Germany: € 109.95

For more information about the GC-LC 18/20 Li T Cordless Pole-Mounted Powered Pruner please visit:

RRP in Germany: € 109.95

About Einhell Germany AG

Einhell is a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art tools and equipment for the house and garden. From its headquarters in Landau/Isar (Bavaria), the internationally successful company has continuously expanded its innovative rechargeable battery platform Power X-Change and is now the market leader in the area of cordless tools and garden equipment. For many years Einhell has set new standards in terms of endurance, performance, and safety. Einhell customers appreciate the freedom of cordless operation for all their DIY projects, as well as the excellent value for money that Einhell products represent and the first-class customer service offered by the company.

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