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Make light work of autumnal work with Einhell

Make light work of autumnal work with Einhell
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The sheer volume of leaves on the ground can often be a real challenge for hobby gardeners at the end of the gardening year. Einhell now offers the perfect solution for your autumn cleanup work: a leaf blower vac that can not only blow the leaves into piles, but one that can also suck them up and shred them into small pieces as they are collected.

Landau an der Isar, 08-20-2018. Splendid bushes and colorful shrubs are a sight to behold while they are in bloom, but by the time it gets to autumn they need to be trimmed, and all the fallen leaves and debris need to be cleared away. Just in time for the autumn season, Einhell has expanded its range of leaf blower vacs with a new unit designed to make clearing up leaves easier for hobby gardeners. Thanks to its dual functionality, this device can blow leaves into piles or suck them up and dispose of them via the practical collection bag. With two different sizes of nozzle attachments, this new tool will really take the strain out of your autumn garden work.

One garden tool - two ways to use it

Collecting leaves and disposing of them afterwards - these are both easy to do with the Electric Blower Vac GC-EL 3000 E, which replaces laborious work with a rake. This new unit, which has only just been made available, comes both a large suction tube and a lightweight, smaller blower tube, which can be swapped quickly and easily without any need for tools. With an output power of 3,000 W, the blower vac is flexible to use and can deliver a flow of blowing air at up to 300 km/h and a suction performance of up to 840 m³/h. Thanks to the electronic speed control, the suction and blowing power can be precisely adjusted to suit your requirements. For example, you could use a lower air speed to clear leaves in a rockery without disturbing other materials or plants. The higher speed setting can be used to clear larger areas in a very short space of time.

Equipped for every challenge

For hobby gardeners looking for flexible operation and freedom from cables, the Einhell range also includes petrol and battery-powered models. The real advantage of the battery packs in the Einhell Power X-Change range is that all the batteries can be used with any of the garden appliances or DIY tools from this platform. In addition, these leaf blow vacs are very quiet and environmentally friendly.

About Einhell

Einhell Germany AG is a Bavarian manufacturer of tools and garden equipment with headquarters in Landau an der Isar in southern Germany. CEO Andreas Kroiss runs the traditional company, which has now grown to more than 1,600 employees, in line with the cornerstones of the Einhell philosophy, which are 'Freedom and joy', 'High quality' and 'Wide-reaching service'. In the process, the company focuses on 100% loyalty and quality, with customer satisfaction the highest goal.

"We want to inspire and enthuse our customers through freedom and independence. This is why it is our vision to transport a sense of freedom into every home that has a garden with our Power X-Change platform." - Andreas Kroiss

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