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EANS-News: With Valuemation 4, USU now presents its new software generation for knowledge-based service management

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Möglingen (euro adhoc) - Specific, need-based provision of service-related knowledge makes companies more productive and flexible. This approach minimizes costs and risks - in technical support, in IT operations and in other mission-critical business areas. With the new Version 4 of its Valuemation product line, USU clearly depicts its added-value contributions to your business. Among its many features, this ITIL©-compliant software generation now offers an individually configurable, role-specific user interface which is implemented in a completely new web client technology. System users are first shown an initial home page, similar to a portal access screen, that contains all the information and applications that they need for their work flows. Processes such as IT job management can be modeled with the help of graphics in a "Process Engine", allowing work flows to be accelerated and also easily monitored and managed. For each task, a progress bar clearly indicates the current status of the job. These features permit users to directly see and enjoy the benefits of Valuemation 4 right away, greatly increasing user acceptance. As a result, its implementation will pay off much faster. The new Valuemation product generation was already presented to USU customers and other interested persons in a pre-release version at the recent "USU World" conference held in the middle of last May. The new version was very well received with great interest by the approximately 200 conference participants.

A User-Centered Work Environment In designing the new applications, the primary focus of the developers was on meeting the ergonomic needs of the end users. Whether being used by license managers, service desk representatives or asset managers, Valuemation 4 supports all roles along their specific work flows. To facilitate this, corresponding best practices are available. The application start page can be individually customized with the information objects or control elements best meeting the needs of the respective user. Right at a glance, users can access tasks, news, evaluations and other relevant information, such as data on still-open tickets or the contractual compliance of given licenses. URL objects allow integration of all kinds of applications or required web elements. In addition, companies can also readily integrate Valuemation directly into their own enterprise portals.

Simple, Easy Process Modeling USU has developed a completely new process management system and integrated it into Valuemation. This feature allows users to easily and efficiently carry out and manage cross-departmental collaboration. This means that, based on service requests selected and submitted from a service catalog, all work flows can be individually modeled, such as for managing jobs or creating contracts. This modeling is carried out in a standardized manner in Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) within Valuemation and allows automated execution of process steps, including process monitoring and reporting, etc.

Always Kept Up-To-Date A common feature of all Valuemation modules is a helpful progress bar that keeps users fully informed about the overall status of their tasks and what still remains to be done to complete them. For instance, the progress bar indicates which data are needed in which sequence in order to carry out relocation of IT equipment. This information includes the original location, the destination, the system information, etc. In addition, it helps users with IT procurement, ticket creation and contract creation. In short, the progress bar guides users clearly and systematically through all steps in a given process.

Faster Amortization and Earlier Added Value Valuemation 4 will offer enterprises a modular software suite for knowledge-based service management, a suite that meets high performance standards for user ergonomics and acceptance due to its many specialized functionalities. All areas of the industry standard ITIL© v3 will be addressed, in particular Service Economics and Service Asset Lifecycle Management. The Valuemation user interface, consistently process-oriented and role-based, facilitates users´ individual workflows, thus increasing their efficiency and productivity.

USU AG. The Knowledge Business Company

USU is the leading European vendor of IT and Knowledge Management software. Bridging the gap between the business and technical world, USU applications monitor and control all IT systems and components that support business processes. USU solutions enable customers worldwide and in all sectors of the economy to apply the added value of IT, to become more flexible, to save costs and to minimize business risks.

With Valuemation®, USU offers a powerful and feature-rich integrated suite of tools for knowledge based Service Management all from one source. This modular suite, which is recognized by leading international analysts, comprehensively supports all ITIL® disciplines.

Customers use the USU KnowledgeCenter technology either in the form of an integrated research and navigation system or as a portal solution to activate all of an organization´s knowledge. With KnowledgeCenter, call and service center answer more than 25 million individual questions every year.

USU was founded in 1977 and is headquartered in Germany. Further information is available at

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