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24.02.2000 – 08:18

DAB BNP Paribas

ots Ad hoc-Service: Direkt Anlage Bank AG DAB subsidiary and Heyde ÄG entering an alliance to create a multifunctional all-purpose finance portal on the Internet

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    München (ots Ad hoc-Service) -  

    For the first time ever in Germany: Analyze and manage all money transactions using a single Internet address, irrespective of the provider - Strategic alliance between DAB'S subsidiary Community Concepts and Heyde AG.

    Munich, February 24th 2000. Revolution in Internet banking: Community Concepts AG (ComCon), a wholly owned subsidiary of Direkt Anlage Bank AG (DAB), Munich, will extend its Internet information and finance portal "investorworld" (http://www.investorworld.de) to create a multifunctional all-purpose finance portal as early as this year. This will enable users to compare offers of various financial organizations and settle their money transactions entirely by means of this all- purpose finance portal. The full-service offer of the cooperation partners will comprise all essential financial services such as operating current accounts or processing and settling mortgage loans, installment or hire purchase loans and dealing with insurance policies.

    "The direct banks were the first to arrive on the scene, then came the finance information portals and now, with investorworld Finance Manager, comes the next generation in the era of Internet banking", says Beate Kempf, Board member of DAB'S subsidiary, ComCon. "In future, our members will be able to conveniently handle all major issues on the topic of money with a few clicks on a single Web page instead of having to take the trouble of downloading offers from the pages of various providers" Matthias Sohler, Board member of Heyde AG, adds: "In the process, we are offering an intelligent solution that incorporates and continues to develop elements of myCFO.com and the finance program Quicken."

    To create the new portal of portals, DAB subsidiary ComCon is co operating with Heyde AG, Bad Nauheim. In this connection, negotiations are also in progress on a possible holding of Heyde AG in Community Concepts AG.

    From a change in lending rates at Bank X to the current status of the securities account with Bank Y - all accounts, deposits and securities accounts of these online banks are automatically consolidated on a single Web page on the Internet. In the past, this has only been possible offline and without a standardized interface. DAB'S subsidiary is already discussing specific offers with the specialists. Plans are underway to recruit experts with a combined experience to cover all sectors of the financial community.

    The new offer will be available free of charge to all investorworld members. Future users will have direct access to the new service via the homepage "http://www.investorworld.de/Finanzmanager" powered by ComCon.

    After all, the launch into the new era of Internet banking is also a decisive step for DAB: "Via our subsidiary, ComCon, we are creating a smart, intelligent entrance point for DAB in the online all-purpose finance concept. In taking this step, we will expand both our target group and our array of products by a multiple. This leads to a complementary addition to the DAB Business Model", explains DAB Board member Matthias Kröner.

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