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New Handheld Tester ARGUS 145 plus: every DSL standard, Ethernet, ISDN and POTS in a single tester

New Handheld Tester ARGUS 145 plus: every DSL standard, Ethernet, ISDN and POTS in a single tester
ARGUS 145 plus: every DSL standard, Ethernet, ISDN and POTS in a single tester / Editorial use of this picture is free of charge. Please quote the source: "obs/intec Ges. für Informationstechnik GmbH"

Lüdenscheid (ots) - This compact all-rounder from intec tests VDSL2, ADSL, SHDSL, Ethernet, and ISDN (BRI and U-Interface) and POTS as well - with no module swapping.

At CeBIT 2009 intec Gesellschaft für Informationstechnik mbH presents an easy to handle all-round tester with a color display that supports measurement routines for use on all of the current telecom interfaces with no module swapping. ARGUS 145 plus is the only handheld tester that offers support for VDSL2 (all profiles), ADSL (Annex A and B) and SHDSL (2, 4, and 8-wire with support for SHDSL.bis - also known as ESHDSL, Enhanced SHDSL - and EFM), Ethernet, ISDN (BRI and U-Interface) and even POTS; all integrated into a single device. In addition to its functionality as a complete analog and ISDN tester, it also offers support for testing VoIP via all of the various xDSL interfaces and Ethernet. Besides simulating a terminal, it also offers extensive statistics functions and evaluates voice quality in accordance with various proven techniques, e.g. using MOS tests.

Furthermore, the tester includes support for determining the Media Delivery Index (MDI) and, when it is used to simulate a set-top box, the ARGUS 145 plus can also be used to assess IPTV and Video on Demand data streams. The ARGUS 145 plus is also well equipped for checking Internet connections as it has IP ping and trace route functions as well as download tests. Rounding out the package, the ARGUS 145 plus can also operate in xDSL bridge and router mode. Thus the ARGUS 145 plus offers an extensive range of measurement functions for use on all of the current interfaces. This extensive set of features has been packed into an extremely small and handy device; one that is not only compact and convenient to use on location but also ready for use in no time.

Easy Operation

In addition, the ARGUS 145 plus is user-friendly and easy to operate. It has a large (320x240 pixel) color display, uses softkeys and has not only a USB client interface but also a USB host interface, which can be used to connect a USB stick for example. The tester has two Ethernet interfaces and uses a high-powered li-ion (rechargeable) battery pack.

Other Innovations

The ARGUS 145 plus is not the only innovation that intec is presenting at CeBIT 2009. intec is also presenting the ARGUS 125 NGVT (Next Generation Voice Tester) - a complete ISDN (PRI and E1) tester, which also includes an ADSL and an Ethernet interface with support for VoIP tests that include tests of the voice quality. Furthermore, at CeBIT 2009, intec is also presenting a comprehensive measurement package for the objective assessment and monitoring of voice quality. This package makes it possible to determine the voice quality on a line - independent of the interface or protocol - using among others the well-known MOS procedure.

About intec Gesellschaft für Informationstechnik mbH

intec - the German specialists in xDSL and ISDN measurement technology: intec Gesellschaft für Informationstechnik mbH has developed products for the international telecommunications market for 20 years. The successful ARGUS measurement equipment enables its users to conveniently and safely commission and troubleshoot xDSL and ISDN accesses. ARGUS testers are designed to meet the day-to-day needs of staff in the field; consequently intec engineers focus on ensuring high-quality measurement combined with uncomplicated and convenient operation. The portfolio of ARGUS testers and analysers benefits from continual further development and is kept up-to-date with support for the latest standards for all the common access types and protocols as well as for the newest features of the Next Generation Networks (NGN) and Triple Play. Throughout the world, numerous telecommunication companies have come to appreciate and rely on the advantages offered by intec equipment; to name just a few Deutsche Telekom, Arcor, Telefonica, KPN, British Telecom and Telekom Austria.

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