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Choosing the right set-up for corporate volunteering - Insights from the DAX30

Choosing the right set-up for corporate volunteering - Insights from the DAX30

The report of the joint study between the University of Mannheim and Beyond Philanthropy "Choosing the right set-up for corporate volunteering - Insights from the DAX30" is now available in English.

Germany's largest companies face the challenges of corporate volunteering in very different ways. Although this diversity should not be considered problematic per se, it is nevertheless important to define common landmarks for the implementation of corporate volunteering. In a study derived from interviews with DAX30 companies and a survey of more than 1,200 employees, researchers at the University of Mannheim and Beyond Philanthropy have now identified key rules to effectively harness the entrepreneurial and social potential of corporate volunteering:

- The playing field: define clear parameters for corporate volunteering.
- The kick-off: identify employees' needs and take these into account when 
  developing corporate volunteering programs.
- The coaching: strengthen employees' social engagement by obtaining credible 
  buy-in from executives and senior management.
- The performance: in order to allocate resources effectively, apply sound 
  impact measurement methods to track progress in meeting impact objectives.

The authors of the study examined not only the company perspective but also the perspective of employees and non-profit organizations. For companies wanting to support the voluntary commitment of their employees, corporate volunteering is a balancing act which needs to be mastered through partnerships at eye level, trusting cooperation and transparent communication. The study revealed considerable differences between the individual companies regarding the implementation of corporate volunteering. While some DAX30 companies are still in the starting blocks and view corporate volunteering primarily through theoretical glasses, the promotion of employee involvement in other companies has been a strategic part of their social commitment for years. However, the initiative does not always come from the company's management. Employees often ask for opportunities to volunteer their time and introduce the topic to companies through self-organized corporate volunteering activities.

The report of the study is available at:


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About the Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility

The Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility at the Business School of the University of Mannheim was established in October 2015 under the direction of Prof Dr Laura Marie Edinger-Schons. The chair is financed through a crowdfunding model. In teaching and research, the chair is dedicated to the question of how companies, in collaboration with other societal actors, can contribute to sustainable development as defined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Therefore, we en­gage in a continuous dialogue with industry, fellow researchers and students, thus contributing to the development of more sustainable and socially responsible business practices. Our research is characterized by a quantitative-empirical approach. The results of our research are published in top international journals (e.g. Journal of Marketing, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Consumer Psychology) and have been recognized with several awards (e.g. Roman Herzog Research Award for Social Market Economy).

About Beyond Philanthropy

Beyond Philanthropy provides strategic advisory services to companies, social investors and foundations to make social change happen and maximize their social impact. In addition, Beyond Philanthropy is a certified B Corporation since May 2015. Over the last years, Beyond Philanthropy has developed specialized knowledge in CSR, philanthropy and social investment and created a global network of strategic partners. With its international reach and multidisciplinary team, Beyond Philanthropy has served clients in more than 30 countries, working on more than 80 projects with a direct impact on more than EUR100m of social change funds.

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