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The next generation of Rosenbauer's premium fire truck (with photo)

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New Products

* Optimized handling and extinguishing performance
* Enhanced safety and comfort
* High-end ARFF with an exciting design

With some 1,400 vehicles in operation in around 90 countries, the PANTHER
represents one of the world's most successful ARFFs. This achievement is simply
explained by the PANTHER's inherent qualities of power, speed and performance,
which are underlined at first glance by the striking design of the new, fourth
generation. Moreover, the latest version of the vehicle has been further
optimized, particularly with regard to occupant safety, extinguishing
performance and operating comfort. Indeed, as the first ARFF to meet the
environment-friendly Euro 6 standard, the Rosenbauer flagship again sets new
benchmarks in aircraft fire protection.
Safety first
Crew safety was the no.1 priority during the design of the newest PANTHER and
above all the cabin now offers its occupants even greater protection. The new X-
frame forms a solid brace around the driver's cab, while the slim line A-column
and the removal of the C-column guarantee excellent all-round visibility. Once
in the vehicle, one has the feeling that one is sitting in a helicopter cockpit.
Furthermore, the new PANTHER cab has been crash tested and fulfills the European
ECE R29-3 standard with regard to the protection of cabin occupants in head-on
The entire lighting in the vehicle employs modern LED technology and has been
matched to the truck's design, while new daylight driving lights make it more
visible in bad weather. In addition, the improved cabin entrance in combination
with the new lighting concept ensures that entering and leaving the vehicle is
extremely safe.   
New assistance systems
The very latest assistance systems are available to aid the drivers of the new
PANTHER. These include tire pressure monitoring, an electronic roll stability
control and a radar system (anti-collision guard), which depending on the preset
route provides a warning of collisions with any type of object. A Birdview
system can also be installed, which furnishes a bird's eye perspective of the
area surrounding the vehicle on the cockpit display.   
Moreover, the PANTHER can be equipped with EMEREC DEVS (Driver Enhanced Vision
System). This is a locational and navigation system designed especially for
airport operations, which even in darkness or poor visibility supplies the
driver with precise information regarding the route to the emergency scene. 
The very latest in comfort
The new PANTHER also offers comfort of a standard previously unseen in a fire
truck. Electrically operated windows and electrically folding additional
displays, an automatic rain sensor, automatic air conditioning and an
electrically darkened roof window are just some of the comfort features that the
vehicle has to offer along with a separate document storage space for the co-
drivers and cup holders, etc.
The overview in the cockpit has become clearer as the central console can be
folded backwards. The crew also has greater freedom of movement and a subjective
sensation of increased space has been created. The extinguishing technology is
controlled from a central display in the middle of the cockpit and ergonomically
improved backlit joysticks or handles guide the monitors. 
New extinguishing technology
The kinematics of the monitor controls have been optimized in order to make the
fingertip steering even more precise and simpler. The handles and joysticks now
all share the same operational logic and functional scope.
Two new, integrated pumps (the N80 and N65) have been developed for the PANTHER
along with matching, high-precision monitors (RM80 und RM35) and an
electronically controlled foam proportioning system (FIXMIX 2.0 E). A new
rotatable front extinguishing boom is available for the RM35 and the entire
extinguishing technology in the PANTHER forms a fully coordinated system that
has been trimmed to offer maximum extinguishing performance and precision.  
Design that shows strength
The show model of the new PANTHER at the Interschutz will be as black as the big
cat that shares its name. Everything about the vehicle is redolent of power and
elegance, from its main contours to the V-shape of the striking, daytime driving
lights, which are reminiscent of the eyes of the truck's feline namesake. The
accentuation of the rear section shows that this is the source of the vehicle's
power, while the forward thrust of the silhouette and the lowered cab furnish
the truck with a silhouette that indicates its readiness about to pounce in any
The clear and eye-catching design is based on Rosenbauer's visual product
language and was systematically further developed for the new PANTHER
Initial customers
4x4 and 6x6 versions of the latest PANTHER generation will be on display at the
Interschutz and the new 8x8 will come onto the market in 2017. The first
vehicles have already been sold with the PANTHER 6x6 going to Singapore and the
PANTHER 4x4 to Qatar. 
The new PANTHER is manufactured according to industrial standards in Leonding,
Austria in the fire industry's most modern plant. This ensures production
efficiency and product quality. Moreover, everything from the chassis to the
monitors comes from a single provider and therefore, as in the past two decades,
Rosenbauer continues to set the standard for airport fire fighting vehicles.
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