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Annual Reports
Revenues (+15%) and EBIT (+ 23%) up substantially once again; Capacity utilization remains at high level; Production facilities set to expand in Leonding and Neidling; Dividend proposal: 0.7 E

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annual report


|KEY FIGURES                     |       |2007     |2006     |Change in %|
|Revenue                         |EUR Mio|426.1    |372.0    |+ 15%      |
|EBIT                            |EUR Mio|30.8     |25.1     |+ 23%      |
|EBT                             |EUR Mio|25.4     |22.0     |+ 15%      |
|Consolidated profit             |EUR Mio|19.9     |18.4     |+ 8%       |
|Cash flow from operating        |EUR Mio|24.1     |(1.4)    |-          |
|activities                      |       |         |         |           |
|Total assets                    |EUR Mio|228.8    |206.2    |+ 11%      |
|Equity in % of total assets     |       |31.8%    |30.7%    |+ 4%       |
|Investments                     |EUR Mio|7.1      |11.2     |(37%)      |
|Earnings per share1)            |EUR    |2.2      |2.0      |+ 10%      |
|Dividend per share1)            |EUR    |0.7 2)   |0.7      |0%         |
|Employees as at Dec 31          |       |1,651    |1,517    | + 9%      |
|Order intake                    |EUR Mio|458.7    |485.9    |(6%)       |
|Order backlog as at Dec 31      |EUR Mio|375.4    |354.1    |+ 6%       |
1) Previous year's figures were converted pursuant to the share split (4:1).
2) Proposal to Annual General Shareholders' Meeting.

Revenues, orders and earnings situation
Revenues and EBIT once again at all-time high. In 2007, the Rosenbauer Group
once again outdid the record revenue and result figures it had achieved the
year before. Group revenues rose last year to EUR 426.1 Mio (2006: EUR 372.0
Mio), breaking all previous records.
The operating result (EBIT) rose by 23% to EUR 30.8 Mio (2006: EUR 25.1  Mio), 

while improving the EBIT margin from 6.8% to 7.2%. The main contributors to the 2007 result were the export successes scored by Rosenbauer International AG, the strong growth in the Group's US business over the past few years, and the overseas shipments made by its Spanish subsidiary. Orders. At EUR 458.7 Mio (2006: EUR 485.9 Mio), Group order intake in 2007 was slightly below the level reached the year before, but was a very satisfactory figure nonetheless. The result is a continuation of the high levels of capacity utilization at the Group's production facilities. Thanks to the buoyant order intake trend in the final quarter of the year, the volume of order backlog at year-end 2007 reached a new record level of EUR 375.4 Mio (2006: EUR 354.1 Mio). Outlook Capacity utilization at the Rosenbauer Group's production plants has been constantly on the rise in recent years. Owing to the high volume of orders - especially in international export business - there are plans to enlarge the production facilities at the Leonding site yet again. Scheduled for completion by 2009, this expansion programme will entail an investment volume of EUR 4.5 Mio. Capacity is also set to be enlarged again at the Neidling production location, the Group's centre of expertise for compact vehicles weighing up to 11 tonnes. These extensions to capacity will be carried out in several phases, with the aim of bringing about a 50% increase in production volumes. Continued growth in the company. For 2008, Rosenbauer Group Management expects that market volume will remain at a high level. In view of the high volume of orders on hand, and the resulting high degree of capacity utilization at the production companies, it is reasonable to suppose that the current year will bring a continuation of both top and bottom-line growth.

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