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ONEKEY is "Top Industrial IoT Solutions Provider in Europe"

ONEKEY is "Top Industrial IoT Solutions Provider in Europe"

Leading US magazine selects German company as one of the top IoT security providers

Düsseldorf/Germany, September 15, 2022 – Software "Made in Germany" also enjoys an excellent reputation in the USA: last year, the US magazine "Manufacturing Technology Insights" selected solutions provided by Siemens, Software AG and Cap Gemini as top class in the field of industrial IoT applications. This year, ONEKEY, with its technology-leading SaaS platform for automated software analysis of IoT devices, was named " Top Industrial IoT Solutions Provider in Europe." "Cyberattacks on Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS) are becoming increasingly common and represent a huge risk for companies and institutions. We recognized this need early on and today we offer a sophisticated solution platform with a development edge, thus making IoT/OT systems and devices more secure worldwide. The award from a renowned magazine further confirms our strategy," says Jan Wendenburg, CEO of ONEKEY.

Continuous monitoring of products & infrastructure as digital twins

The solution not only allows one-time testing of software integrated into products and industrial infrastructure, but digital twins enable continuous testing for new or newly discovered security risks. Continuous monitoring is important as with each software update, new risks and gaps in security can likewise emerge. To this end, the database is constantly updated, and ONEKEY has its own forensic research team to ensure steady further development. "We work with hardware manufacturers and equipment producers worldwide and, on the one hand, enable the publication and use of secure software in the IoT/OT area; on the other hand, we also continuously ensure the highest possible security level," says Jan Wendenburg of ONEKEY. The goal is to establish a software bill of materials across the board, which includes all IT products with their own operating system – from printers to CNC milling machines – and gives users and manufacturers alike maximum transparency and thus security. In case of changes to components, real-time alerts give users the opportunity to take immediate action and prevent economic damage.

Integrating IoT/OT security into the supply chain

Companies that deploy a wide range of IoT/OT assets – in other words, virtually all manufacturing operations as connected manufacturing increases – are at risk of extortionist or politically motivated hacking attacks. The danger is higher than ever; the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has been reminding us for months of the increased threat level in Germany in the context of the war in Ukraine. This is compounded by the already tense overall threat situation affecting industry, commerce and critical infrastructure facilities. "It must be fundamentally clear that the best and most expensive security infrastructure is absolutely useless if an easily vulnerable IoT/OT control of a facility, or smart devices in the infrastructure, offer hackers an easy gateway," warns Jan Wendenburg of ONEKEY. Therefore, from the perspective of security experts, security testing must be part of the IoT/OT supply chain – ideally in the form of a digital software bill of materials (SBOM) that is continuously monitored and automatically updated accordingly with each update.

The related whitepaper "Tackling Software Supply Chain Risks with IEC 62443 and SBOM" can be downloaded here.


ONEKEY is a leading European specialist for automated security & compliance analysis for industrial (IIoT & ICS), manufacturing (OT) and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Using automatically generated "Digital Twins" and "Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)" of devices, ONEKEY autonomously analyzes firmware for critical security vulnerabilities and compliance violations, all without source code, device, or network access. Vulnerabilities for attacks and security risks are identified in the shortest possible time and can thus be specifically remedied. Easily integrated into software development and procurement processes, the solution enables manufacturers, distributors, and users of IoT technology to check security and compliance quickly and automatically before use, 24/7 throughout the product lifecycle. Leading companies, such as SWISSCOM, VERBUND AG and ZYXEL, are using this platform today – universities and research institutions can use the ONEKEY platform for study purposes free of charge.

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