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Cosmetics: Glucosides ensure increased bioavailability

C osmetics: Glucosides ensure increased bioavailability

Glucosides eliminate the need for microplastics and provide increased bioavailability in cosmetic applications

Freising/Germany, December 9, 2021 – Conventional active ingredients and fragrances in cosmetic products often evaporate shortly after application to the skin. Freising-based biotech company 4GENE has solved this problem by developing a special process that releases fragrances, aromas and cosmetic active ingredients, so-called cosmeceuticals, from a reserve even after several hours. Glucosides are used as a stable reserve for active ingredients that binds the scent molecules and aromas in such a way that they are only released under certain conditions with the help of the natural skin microbiome. “Our technology allows the production of glycosylated ingredients that can work in cosmetic applications over a significantly longer period of time. Whether hand cream or deodorant - the effect lasts significantly longer due to the unique depot of active ingredients,” explains Dr. Isabelle Effenberger, Head of BU Cosmetics at 4GENE GmbH. At the same time, the stability, skin-friendliness, water solubility and thus also the bioavailability of cosmetic ingredients all benefit.

Glucosides as cosmeceuticals

For the cosmetics industry, this delivers on the promise of long-lasting efficacy. Some glucosides can also be used as cleavable emulsifiers. Highly insoluble ingredients in cosmetic products can thus be emulsified and incorporated into new formulations, with improved skin compatibility. Due to the increased water solubility and stability of the glycosidic form, it also transports bioactive functions such as antioxidant or anti-aging into deeper skin cell layers, where it releases its full effect. To protect the environment and for particularly sustainable products, no microplastics, parabens or aluminum salts need to be added. “The modern consumer today demands more sustainable products and would like to avoid conventional ingredients. We can modify cosmetic ingredients in such a way that less has to be used for increased efficacy,” Dr. Effenberger adds.

Glucosides use natural mechanisms

Unlike many conventional substances in cosmetics, glycosylation takes an example from nature. Glucosides are widespread in the plant kingdom and serve as a natural method for storing volatile metabolic products in the cell. 4GENE calls the technology platform "flavor-on-demand" - all challenges in the development and production of the glucosides were successfully solved by the biotech company. The stability and bioavailability of cosmeceuticals and fragrances on and in the skin can be increased enormously with this technology, regardless of whether the raw materials are natural or synthetically produced. Due to the biotechnology developed by 4GENE, the use of glucosides is also economical and opens up completely new avenues for the cosmetics industry.

About 4GENE

4GENE offers programmable aromas and active ingredients for the cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical industries. The technology binds the molecules in such a way that a stable reserve of active ingredients is created that then delivers a long-lasting effect. The company was founded as a spin-off of the Chair of Biotechnology of Natural Products at the Technical University of Munich. As part of an EXIST grant, the proof-of-concept was developed. The company is already supplying the development departments of leading corporations with a wide variety of programmed flavorings and aromas for applications in the cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical and technical industries.

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