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09.03.2006 – 10:00


AVM VoIP-Gateway 5188 and VoIP-Gateway 5144

AVM VoIP-Gateway 5188 and VoIP-Gateway 5144
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    Berlin/Hanover (ots)

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    AVM Presents Professional VoIP for PBXs-     VoIP for Businesses More Convenient Than Ever

    - Connects PBX systems to ADSL/ADSL2+, VoIP and fixed phone lines     - For PBXs with up to four S0 ISDN lines     - No adjustments to the existing PBX necessary     - ISDN and SIP convenience features for Internet telephony     - ADSL router with firewall, traffic shaping, budgets, VPN

    At CeBIT, AVM presents its first Voice over IP solution that is completely tailored to business users: the VoIP-Gateway 5188. Installed between the ISDN point-to-point or point-to-multipoint line and the ISDN PBX, it allows all the phones connected to the PBX to dial calls over the fixed line or over the Internet. With four S0 interfaces, the VoIP-Gateway 5188 permits eight calls simultaneously. At the same time, network devices connected to its four LAN ports have access to ADSL and ADSL2+. The integrated VPN router provides secure access to the corporate network from outside.

    Professional VoIP for PBX Systems

    The VoIP-Gateway 5188 provides Voice-over-IP access for PBX systems with up to eight outgoing ISDN channels. No adjustments to the existing PBX are necessary, and its fixed-line numbers remain accessible as before. The voice fidelity of Internet calls offers the same sound quality that ISDN users are accustomed to. Moreover, its integrated bandwidth management can regulate other data streams over the ADSL line during VoIP calls, so that Internet telephony always has optimum connection quality.  When multiple calls take place at the same time, the VoIP-Gateway 5188 automatically performs a dynamic codec adaptation. For Internet telephony, the limited upstream throughput of an ADSL line is a critical parameter. This throughput rate should be chosen to accommodate the possible number of simultaneous calls. If ADSL is not available, outgoing calls can be automatically routed over ISDN by a configurable fixed-line fall-back connection. The Gateway supports up to 20 SIP addresses, as well as SIP trunk accounts with DDI. Both ISDN and VoIP calls can use services and convenience features such as call holding, three-party calls, call waiting, call-back on busy, and internal and external call forwarding.

    ADSL, Firewall, VPN

    The VoIP-Gateway 5188 incorporates an efficient ADSL/ADSL2+ modem and a complete ADSL router. Thanks to dual mode technology, the VoIP-Gateway can also be connected in a network and used with cable or other broadband access technologies. Its integrated packet firewall with stateful inspection ensures LAN security, and supports UPnP and manual port forwarding for local servers. The VoIP-Gateway's DHCP server provides automatic IP configuration for PCs in the LAN. Network devices connected to the VoIP-Gateway's four LAN ports can be either interconnected to form one network, or physically and logically isolated from one another. Moreover, the VoIP-Gateway 5188's IPsec implementation permits secure VPN connections to remote networks and stand-alone PCs. All of the ADSL, router, VPN, and VoIP settings are entered and edited conveniently through a password-protected web page.

    Two Models: AVM VoIP-Gateway 5188 and AVM VoIP-Gateway 5144 AVM offers two models for professional VoIP use-the AVM VoIP-Gateway 5188 (for four S0 ISDN lines) and the AVM VoIP-Gateway 5144 (for two S0 lines). AVM's service includes free firmware updates, free support, and a five-year warranty.

Contact: Urban Bastert Public Relations Office AVM GmbH Alt-Moabit 95, 10559 Berlin http://www.avm.de Fon +49 (0) 30 / 3 99 76 -214 Fax +49 (0) 30 / 3 99 76 -640 Mail u.bastert@avm.de

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